Self Propelled Wheelchair With Suspension

A self-propelled wheelchair with suspension can make for a smoother more pleasant ride.

What is a self-propelled wheelchair with suspension?

A self-propelled wheelchair with suspension has a suspension system incorporated into the frame. This makes them great for off-roading as it gives a smoother and more comfortable ride over rough terrain. Also, around town, it makes going up and down kerbs less stressful on your body.

The suspension within the frame spreads the weight and absorbs the unpleasant jolt. Additionally, self-propelled wheelchairs with suspension have a stylish appearance and multiple options and extras to meet the needs of an active user.

How to give your wheelchair suspension

Another option for having a self-propelled wheelchair with suspension is to purchase a set of Loopwheels. These revolutionary wheels fit straight on to your normal chair and offer you all the advantages that an in-frame suspension gives. The spring configuration in the Loopwheel allows the torque to transfer smoothly between the rim and the hub. The wheel constantly adjusts to different terrains to make a smoother, more comfortable ride. It makes travelling over uneven surfaces or negotiating potholes, bumps, and kerbs easier.

Additionally, these wheels reduce vibrations that can cause damage to your bones and produce stress and pain in your shoulders and neck. The special carbon composite gives the wheels optimum compression with lateral stability. Also, they are extremely strong and durable.

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Try out the Loopwheels

You can enjoy a free home trial of the Loopwheels by clicking here. Discover for yourself how easy it is to push yourself over uneven streets, gravel paths, rough tracks, cobbles, grass, or wherever you wish to go. You will enjoy a smoother, easier ride that will be more comfortable and less tiring. So, call 0800 832 1916 and learn how to turn your regular chair into a self-propelled wheelchair with suspension quickly and easily.

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