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Invictus Active Trainer


Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal solution to improve your fitness, balance and technique. Suitable for everyone – from weight loss, building muscle strength through to improving balance and technique – also used by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and as a key training aid to increase speed around basketball court,  across a tennis court or around a race track.



We tried out and tested a set of Loopwheels ourselves to see how it helps getting up kerbs – the results were impressive! – see our video below for more. Loopwheels are designed to help you push over uneven streets, cobbles, grass, rough tracks and gravel paths, with less effort.

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  • Batec Electric

Batec Mobility UK

The Batec Mobility ‘wheelchair attachment’ really is a great bit of kit. We have had a demo model for a while and have taken it out on some tests to see how good it really is – the result are impressive so are pleased to be able to offer it for sale on our website.

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  • FreeWheel

Freewheel Attachment

Freewheel Attachment

In short if you use an active day wheelchair then the FreeWheel attachment is a must have, it just clips on the front foot rest and is so easy to use. As you will know the front casters can be a nightmare! – going over any grass or gravel is near impossible if you have normal small casters as they ‘dig in’ and make pushing hard work.

You just clip on the Freewheel attachment, twist the wheel around and it’s clever design picks your front casters off the ground. The difference that it makes to pushing around is huge – it makes places more accessible and possible!

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  • BerkelBike Connect

Leg and Arm Exercise

berkel bike


The BerkelBike Pro is a revolutionary invention and is a combination of a handcycle and a recumbent bike, driven by using both the power of the arms as well as the legs. The BerkelBike has been developed in cooperation with physicians, therapists and researchers from rehabilitation centres and is ideal for all.

The BerkelBike Pro  comes equipped with 8 gears and can be used outside or indoors on a rolling road trainer. It is also fully compatible with Functional Electronic Simulation (FES) which combines with the arm cycling to power leg muscles.

Stand Easily


Standing brings huge benefits – improving and maintaining bone integrity/skeletal development, managing pressure relief and improving overall circulation and just some of the benefits from standing regularly.

The EasyStand range brings to you state-of-the-art standing technology found in no other standers. The EasyStand Bantam is the only standing frame to combine a sit-to-stand transition and the EasyStand Evolv the most versatile standing frame available.