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The FreeWheel is a fantastic attachment for a manual wheelchair, you may have seen one on being used by someone else and thought WOW. The idea is very clever as it clips onto the front footrest and enables you to get the caster wheels off the floor, as you know these like to dig into everything and make some places impossible.

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There are a couple of reasons why second hand FreeWheel attachments are limited – one is due to the way in which the FreeWheel works, it clamps onto the footrest – and as there is such a wide variety of wheelchairs the footrests will be different widths and types. As a result you have to make an adjustment to the FreeWheel when you buy one. This involves measuring and cutting a plastic shim so it fits you own wheelchair. As a result of this it’s not that easy to swop and change to different wheelchairs – but we do sell all the FreeWheel parts so you can buy these separate and cut the shim.

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FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Life changing attachment that you'll wonder how you lived without!` If you use a manual day wheelchair then the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is a must have, it just clips on the front foot rest and is so easy to use. As you will know the front casters can be a nightmare! – going over any grass or gravel is near impossible if you have normal small casters as they ‘dig in’ and make pushing hard work.

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The other reason is no-one wants to sell them! – they really are that good and life changing so as a result people just don’t sell them or stop using them so very limited second hand used FreeWheel wheelchair attachment are available to buy. It’s one of those products you just keep for ever and use all the time, once you have as FreeWheel you would be lost without it.

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