Wheelchair Electric Bike Attachment

Fantastic addition to any manual wheelchair!

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Wheelchair electric attachment


Sometimes you just need that little extra power – this is when a wheelchair electric bike attachment is a great piece of equipment! They way they work is they attach to the front of your wheelchair easily and securely and then lift your caster wheels off the floor, meaning all the weight is then on the front wheel – which is where the power is!

As you probably know it is always the small caster wheels which cause the issues – if there is some gravel or a divot on the road then your caster wheels will find it! With a wheelchair electric bike attachment you can be comfortable that this will not be an issue and you will be able to get over any terrain with ease.

Top things to look for in an wheelchair bike attachment…

  1. The way it attaches to your wheelchair – you want this to be easy and you do not really want a bar or piece permanently on your wheelchair. Not only does it look ugly it also adds weight when you are not using your wheelchair attachment. You want to be able to clip it on and off in seconds easily. 
  2. Adequate power – there are varied motors available and you will want something that has decent power, around 500w is more than sufficient and anything more is not really required for daily use. Anything lower and you might not have the power required for a slight hill climb and depending on your weight this would have an impact.
  3. Good battery – the last thing you want is the battery to run out! A good batter than holds the charge is what you need to look for. This also links to the motor – as a high motor will drink all the battery power quicker, so a mid range powered motor and good battery is the best way to go.
  4. Try it out – you can’t beat trying a wheelchair electric bike attachment on your own wheelchair. See if you have the opportunity to try one out and get a feel for what it is like to use.
  5. Reasonable price – there are a range of electric wheelchair bike attachments and the price also varies! Think about how many times you are going to use it for and the value you will get from it. Also compare the specification as you are not always getting more for your money just because the price is higher!

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