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Looking for manual wheelchairs in Birmingham? At Invictus Active you will find a fantastic range of active user wheelchairs. These wheelchairs offer lots of advantages over a standard manual chair. They are much lighter weight and so are easier to push. That means that you can travel further with less effort.

Additionally, they offer lots of customising options so you can design your wheelchair to exactly meet your needs. You will enjoy increased comfort and performance from a chair that is tailored exactly to your size and requirements. Finally, these wheelchairs look great. They have sleek, stylish designs and many have different colour options so you can create a personalised chair that you really feel good about.

Range of wheelchairs available, including:

Core muscles wheelchair user

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The Kuschall K-series is a competitively priced option that offers lots of features. You can choose between an aluminium, titanium, or carbon fibre frame. The seat is independently fixed to the frame so you can adjust it finely for perfect comfort. The backrest can be locked down if desired and is fully adjustable. This functional chair can be fully customised and is extremely reliable and stable.

Scott & Paul – co-founders of Invictus Active.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the wheelchairs Birmingham options.

Scott & Paul!

Meet Mick – one of our recent customers with his new made to measure manual wheelchair…

Mick's Wheelchairs

The Icon A1 active wheelchair

The Icon A1 active wheelchair has a number of high-tech features which have earned it the name “revolutionary”. The customizable air suspension system gives you a much smoother and more comfortable ride, and the adjustable caster arms let you change your front centre of gravity for incredible stability. Just about everything on this chair can be adjusted so it is a great choice for a young growing person.

Quickie Krypton Wheelchair

The Quickie Krypton wheelchair is available with a rigid or a foldable frame to suit your needs. Both are manufactured from a lightweight carbon material which not only makes them extremely light but also very strong and super energy efficient. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. Features:
  • Lightweight carbon construction
  • Over 10,000 configuration options for a perfect custom fit
  • Range of carbon options to meet all needs
  • Choice of three colours and four frame finishes

The Quickie Krypton

The Quickie Krypton is a really lightweight option with superb balance and excellent performance. These have many customizable options, and a range of carbon accessories that make them ideal for active people with a busy lifestyle.

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