Strongest Wheelchair Wheels

Choosing the right wheelchairs for outdoor use

Choosing the best outdoor wheels for your wheelchair depends on what you want them to do. We offer four distinct wheels designed for outdoor use and each one has different properties to provide the best performance under different circumstances.

Spinergy wheelchair wheels

Spinergy wheels

Using the strongest wheelchair wheels available will let you get to more places with greater confidence. For everyday use, try our Spinergy wheels. These are among the comfiest and strongest wheelchair wheels as their patented fibre spokes absorb vibrations for a smoother, safer ride, which reduces muscle spasms and body fatigue. Thirty thousand strands of polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fibre make up each PBO™ spoke, giving each one a tensile strength of approximately 3,800-pounds.

Amazing fibre spokes

These amazing fibre spokes absorb twenty-five percent more shocks when compared with steel spokes. They are also UV, chemical, and water-resistant, and very quiet. Additionally, they have about fifty-percent of the weight of steel spokes, and three times their strength.

Faster-responding wheel

Their light weight makes for a faster-responding wheel, and their strength means they can stand up to stress and so last longer. Their double-walled aluminium rims and custom hubs also contribute to why a Spinergy wheel is one of the strongest wheelchair wheels on the market.

For off-roading, our all-terrain wheels are the perfect choice. These heavy-duty wheels, with wide all-terrain tyres, will let you access places you have never dreamed possible.

all-terrain wheels

FreeWheel + Off Road Wheels

If you want to convert your manual wheelchair so that you can go-anywhere, then this is the exact equipment you need. Just pop on the straight swap off-road all-terrain wheelchair wheels, attach the FreeWheel attachment, and you are set to tackle even the most difficult of routes. Enjoy an active life to the full. With this off-roading combination of the FreeWheel and All-Terrain wheelchair wheels, there are no limits as to where you can go in a wheelchair. x1 FreeWheel wheelchair attachment - £395 x1 Off road wheels, with tyres & inner tubes fitted (pair) - £259 x1 Quick release axels (pair) - FREE Total = £654 COMBO DEAL PRICE: £570 - SAVE £84 TRY FOR FREE! – you can now try this combo deal for free for 14 day – click here. SPLIT PAYMENTS OVER 6 MONTHS - click here.

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Thirty-six stainless steel spokes

The thirty-six stainless steel spokes and the reinforced ’off-centre’ hub make these some of the strongest wheelchair wheels you can buy. Add to that the clever tyres which have large outer lugs to get the best possible grip on any kind of terrain, combined with a central rib section which decreases rolling and resistance to make pushing easier.

These tyres also have a K-guard puncture protection which makes the chances of getting a puncture almost nil. That means that you can get off the beaten track and enjoy a great adventure without giving a flat tyre a thought. These strong wheelchair wheels fit straight on to a standard ½-inch axle, so when the going gets tough, you can just pop them on, and keep on going.

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