Topolino Wheels

Topolino carbon core wheels are the world’s lightest wheelchair wheels

Topolino carbon core wheels are the world’s lightest wheelchair wheels, utilising continuous carbon fibre spokes and carbon fibre hubs. Topolino’s carbon fibres are encapsulated in an advanced thermoplastic resin matrix. This resin has excellent toughness and durability, far exceeding most conventional resins.

The resin also serves to bind the individual carbon fibre filaments together along their entire length, allowing these fibres to work together as a unit for the highest strength and stiffness. In contrast, other composite spokes (PBO) utilize “dry fibres” that are not bound to each other, resulting in uneven stress distribution among the individual fibres.

Topolino Wheels

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Topolino carbon core wheels
Topolino wheels are made true to stay true

Each spoke on a Topolino wheel extends through the hub and across the full diameter of the wheel. This is the ideal design, since the high strength carbon fibres can now remain continuous and unbroken. Conventional wheels have spokes that terminate at the hub. The spoke tension creates very high stresses at the hub, and the hub shell must be thick and heavy to withstand these stresses.

Since Topolino spokes extend “across” the hub, the interface stresses are much lower, permitting the use of a carbon fibre reinforced hub as well, further reducing weight. In fact, the carbon fibres now serve to reinforce the hub.

Topolino wheels are made true to stay true. Ensuring Topolino wheels will always track perfectly straight. Spoke tension is painstakingly balanced – a critical step that goes well beyond simply adjusting the spokes to achieve a straightness tolerance. Topolino’s unique pre-stress procedure ensures your wheel will stay straight, even after years of use.