Triride For Children

The Triride for children is a powered assist attachment that attaches to most kids wheelchairs. It allows youngsters to travel effortlessly over all kinds of terrains and to tackle steep inclines unaided. This revolutionary attachment will give your child more freedom and independence, so making his life more fun.

What is the Triride for children?

It is an attachment that turns your child’s wheelchair into a powered trike. This model is specifically designed for kids with a reduced size to fit most wheelchairs. It is lightweight, weighing just over 7.5-kg, and attaches quickly and easily using two clamps. The additional twelve-inch wheel raises the caster wheels up off the ground. This makes it easier to travel over all kinds of rough, loose, or uneven terrains.

The regulated 540w motor of the triride for children provides the power needed to assist travel up hills and slopes. Giving your child this power assist will protect his shoulders from strain trying to negotiate steep paths. This can help to ensure that he will not develop shoulder pain and problems that could inhibit his future independence and freedom.

electronically- controlled drive

The rechargeable battery provides a range of up to 40-km so your child can enjoy lasting freedom on just one charge. Additionally, the electronically- controlled drive system makes this attachment a safe and versatile option for your youngster. Its reduced size makes it ideal for use both indoors and outside. Additionally, it has great mobility and a 180-degree turning circle.

The Triride for children comes in a wide choice of colours and can be personised to create a unique attachment to match the chair. It has a modern futuristic design that kids love and will be proud of. Additionally, there are several optional accessories available to create the perfect attachment for the needs and tastes of your youngster.

Triride Power Attachment

The Triride wheelchair attachment converts your wheelchair into a powered trike that can take you places you never imagined. Negotiating steep slopes or rough terrain is no problem with this removable electronic propulsion device. Spread the cost - you can split your TriRide purchase and pay only £500 - contact us here.

Features of the Triride for children

  • Max power 540W- controlled and limited by Triride electronics
  • Weight- 7.5-kg
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Five forwards gears
  • Reverse gear for increased manoeuvrability
  • Cruise control, for safe, worry-free travel
  • Assisted load
  • Powerful disc brake
  • Electronic braking system for safe smooth braking
  • Twelve-inch driving wheel with strengthened aluminium rim
  • Thirty-six Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Choice of City or Cross tyres
Triride specifically for Kids

Triride for the little ones derived from the Base model.

electronically- controlled drive

You can programme the Inteligent braking system (IBS) to suit the needs of the youngster and the road conditions. The smooth gradual braking ensure that the wheel will never lock up or slide. It ensures a perfect grip for calm, controlled braking , so you know your child will be safe using the Triride for children. Additionally, the intelligent crusie control (ICC) lets you set the desired travel speed which the Triride will maintain even in descents. Furthermore, the regenerative charging system takes advantage of the excess power available during descents or when braking to charge the battery.

Order your free home trial

Call us today to coordinate a free home trial to decide if your youngster would benefit from the Triride for children. Discover the joy that the freedom that this addition can bring to your youngster.

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