Used Second Hand Batec Wheelchair Attachment

The Batec wheelchair attachment is an electric handbike

Most powerful and off-road Batec …

The used second hand batec wheelchair attachment is an electric handbike that makes wheelchair travel a lot quicker and easier.

The perfect balance

It allows you to convert your normal manual wheelchair into a powered scooter which can take you further with less effort. The Batec wheelchair attachment looks much like the front end of a motorised scooter. The electric motor is located inside the wheel hub and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Used Second Hand Batec Wheelchair Attachment

Front frame of most manual chairs

The used second hand batec wheelchair attachment to the front frame of most manual chairs and the additional wheel lifts the casters off the ground allowing you to cross grass, gravel, and uneven terrains with far greater ease. The docking system requires a heavy clamp to be permanently attached to the wheelchair.

  • Quality and reliability Batec handbikes
  • Attach it to your chair in just seconds without transfers
  • Batec wheelchair attachment which have different sizes of wheel, motor, and battery options.
Batec Wheelchair Attachment
Second Hand Used Batec

Easily attaches to most standard wheelchairs

There are different models of the used second hand batec wheelchair attachment which have different sizes of wheel, motor, and battery options.The motors are either 990W or 1200W with RPMs from 200-300. Top speeds vary from 20 to 27-km/hr and the travelling range from 40-50-km.

The wheels are made of aluminium and are double-walled for extra strength, they come in sizes from 16 to 20-inches and they have ultra-grip Maxxis tyres. The frame is also made of aluminium. The Batec wheelchair attachment has a choice of three battery options 280Wh, 522Wh, and 679Wh.

Batec Wheelchair
Batec Wheelchair 01

Excel G-Explorer Wheelchair

Invictus Active Excel G-Explorer Wheelchair – now available! The Excel G-Explorer wheelchair from Van Os is a lightweight folding all-terrain wheelchair. Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong, well made, and built for the job. It has off-road wheels and tyres which allows users to propel themselves over terrains which would be impassable in a normal wheelchair. With a choice of seat widths, you can be sure of a comfortable fit, and this rugged all-terrain off-road wheelchair also offers numerous safety features. Additionally, the Excel G-Explorer wheelchair is ideal for attaching a Freewheel. With this attachment, you will be able to negotiate even more difficult terrains with less effort.

Lots of optional additional features

These provide travelling distances of 27, 30, or 50-km respectively on a single charge for a user weighing 75-kg over flat terrain at 15-km/hr. The attachment has dual mechanical 200-mm brakes for safe stopping and a parking brake.

The LCD shows the power available in the battery and your speed, and the Batec wheelchair attachmentcomes with a front LED light, two USB ports, and two rear lights on stems.

This all makes the Batec quite heavy, weighing in from 14.7-kgto 16.7-kg, with the battery weighing another 4-kg. It also has 5-kg of weights, which can be removed but do help to provide better traction.

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