Used Second Hand Rio Firefly Wheelchair Power attachment

The Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment is an electric scooter attachment

Full power handcycle

The Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment is an electric scooter attachment that transforms a manual wheelchair into a powered trike.

Compatible with most manual wheelchairs

It is compatible with most manual wheelchairs but does require assembly and clamps to be attached to the wheelchair frame for docking. This process can take up to 20-minutes, but once completed, hooking the Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment onto your chair is quick and easy.

Used Second Hand Rio Firefly Wheelchair Power attachment

Experience the New FireFly from Rio Mobility

Once in place, your caster wheels will be lifted up off the ground and you will be travel on the larger front wheel. This allows you to pass over rough or slippery ground without effort and to tackle inclines that you would certainly think twice about if pushing manually.

  • Attaches to your wheelchair in seconds
  • Separate forward and reverse thumb throttles
  • Frame comes apart without tools for transport and storage
Rio Firefly Wheelchair Attachment
Second Hand Used Rio Firefly
Rio Firefly

Removable lightweight lithium battery

This attachment lets you get to more places with less effort, so reducing fatigue and shoulder strain, and increasing independence. The Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment has a five-speed 350W motor located in the hub of the wheel, which is controlled by separate forward and reverse throttles.

It has a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour and with one charge of the lithium-ion battery, you can travel a maximum distance of 15 miles. It takes about four hours to fully charge the battery which is lightweight and removable, and the charger comes included.

Rio Firefly Wheelchair

Excel G-Explorer Wheelchair

Invictus Active Excel G-Explorer Wheelchair – now available! The Excel G-Explorer wheelchair from Van Os is a lightweight folding all-terrain wheelchair. Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong, well made, and built for the job. It has off-road wheels and tyres which allows users to propel themselves over terrains which would be impassable in a normal wheelchair. With a choice of seat widths, you can be sure of a comfortable fit, and this rugged all-terrain off-road wheelchair also offers numerous safety features. Additionally, the Excel G-Explorer wheelchair is ideal for attaching a Freewheel. With this attachment, you will be able to negotiate even more difficult terrains with less effort.

Electric motor with disc and V-brake

The frame is made from aluminium, and the Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment has a 140-mm disc brake and a Promax V-brake. It has a 12.5-inch wheel with a tire that is 2.25-inches wide to provide good grip on slippery surfaces such as wet grass or leaves.

The total weight of the Rio Firefly wheelchair attachment is just 10.9-kg with the battery included, and it can be used by a person weighing up to 115-kg.

It is a convenient, light-weight option which may not have such a slick look as others, and the docking system may not be as good, but it does have a more accessible price tag.

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