What Are NHS Wheelchairs Like

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NHS wheelchair service

The NHS wheelchair service provides wheelchairs to those with a long-term disability who have difficulty walking, but what are NHS wheelchairs like?

NHS Wheelchairs

Maximum level of comfort

Well to be honest, they are generally pretty basic and may not provide the maximum level of comfort and control that you really need. Obviously, the NHS does the best job it can, but wheelchairs are not cheap and there are many people waiting for one.

What are NHS wheelchairs like?

Steel-framed. Most of the wheelchairs supplied by the NHS have steel frames. That means that while they are sturdy, they are also heavy and can be had to both self-propel or push.

  • Extras. The NHS will include some limited extras with your chair, such as a cushion, tray, and armrests. For people with special needs postural support may be provided with bespoke cushions, back support, harnesses, or belts.
  • Slow. To get an NHS wheelchair you must first get a referral from your practitioner or healthcare worker to the NHS wheelchair service. A couple of weeks later you will have an assessment of your needs.Depending on the decision as to the type of wheelchair to offer you, the soonest you could expect to receive a basic manual wheelchair would be two to three weeks. For specialised chairs the waiting time can be months.
  • Limited choice. As the NHS works with a limited number of wheelchair suppliers they do not have a great choice of chairs to offer you.
NHS short-term wheelchair
  • Not yours. If you accept the wheelchair offered to you by the NHS, it can only be used by you and remains their property and must be returned to them when no longer needed.You will agree to a maintenance and repair plan where the NHS covers the cost of keeping the chair in good working order
NHS Wheelchair 01
NHS Wheelchair 02
Nhs wheelchair

Do I have to accept the NHS wheelchair I am offered?

No, after your assessment you have three courses of action.When you have seen what the NHS wheelchair is like you can choose the-

1. Standard option- Accept the chair and the conditions offered.

2. Partnership option You receive a voucher, called a Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB), to the value of the chair offered and you can add your own money to purchase an upgraded chair or one with the extras your want. In this partnership agreement you must chose a chair, and/or extras, from an NHS supplier and the chair will remain NHS property and they will maintain it.

3. Independent option. You take your PWB to an independent wheelchair supplier where you will be received credit for it and with your own money purchased the chair you really need. In this case, the chair will be yours, but the PWB does include an extra amount to include maintenance.

nhs wheelchair 04

Kuschall Champion Wheelchair 2.0

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How can I find the chair I really need?

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When you discover what NHS wheelchairs are like you will see why yu should investigate how to get a getter chair for yourself without having to spend a fortune. Let us help you to fulfil your potential with the chair you really need. Get in tough today for a no-oblgiation assessment and assistance.

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