What is an active wheelchair?

The right wheelchair will change your life – and that is no exaggeration.

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What is an active wheelchair.




I (Scott – see more about me here) have used a wheelchair since I was 9 years old following a spinal tumour – and over the years have built up a knowledge of what makes a good wheelchair. I’ve often been asked ‘what is an active wheelchair?’ – and the answer is relatively simple – it is a wheelchair that enables you to be more active. BUT there is not one active wheelchair suitable for all and it is important it fits correctly and is comfortable in order for you to get the most from your wheelchair.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try!…

For someone who does not use a wheelchair or maybe someone who is new to using a chair it is difficult to explain the difference – and maybe difficult for someone to understand the impact is can have on your life. When I tell people my active wheelchair cost over £3000 I am sure they are thinking wow! I’m sure I have seen them in Argos for £200!… Yes it is a lot of money – and I know, you can get a very nice car for the same price. We’ll discuss why another day but I think it’s worth every penny.

Every little aspect of using an active wheelchair makes a difference – from pushing in a straight line to turning on the spot to getting it in and out of your car. Your posture is better, everything is that little bit easier and overall you just feel (and look) better.

Less chair – more you!…

It’s not all about looks – first and foremost an active wheelchair has a physical impact – but you do ‘look better’. No bulky backrest and no swing out foot rests and no 3 inches either side as the seat is too big! Just a wheelchair that fits, you look comfortable and feel great.

We are happy to help…

Hopefully this has helped answer your question of ‘what is an active wheelchair’ – and if you are looking for any advice then please do reach out – you can call us, email us or complete our contact form below. We’ll point you in the right direction. We also sell a range of active wheelchairs at discounted prices.

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