Wheelchair Attachment For Sand

A wheelchair attachment for sand will change beach visits for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair attachment for sand

Trying to self-propel, or even pushing, a normal manual wheelchair across the sand is nearly impossible and very hard work. However, the new wheelchair attachment for sand by Invictus Active will convert your usual manual wheelchair into a cool beach buggy.

What is a Wheelchair Attachment for Sand?

It is an extra-wheel attachment rather like the FreeWheel. However, this attachment has a large ball wheel. This type of wheel makes travelling over loose surfaces, such as sand, much easier. Additionally, the new wheelchair attachment for sand lifts your front caster wheels up off the ground so they will not dig in. Furthermore, you can adjust the height that you raise your caster wheels so that they will not touch down even in deep, loose sand.

How does the attachment work?

The wheelchair attachment for sand clips quickly and easily onto the front frame of your chair. It only takes a couple of minutes to attach so you won’t be wasting any precious beach time. Once firmly attached, you do a little backward manoeuvre, which takes a little practice but is not difficult to do.This lifts your caster wheels up off the ground. You can adjust the height of the casters to ensure that they will not touch the ground as you travel over the sand. Then, you simply self-propel as usual. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get across loose or even rutted sand.

The attachment is lightweight, and although the ball wheel makes it a little bulky, it will still fit easily into the boot of a standard-size car. It is light enough to make it easy to handle, store, and attach unaided, to give you greater freedom and independence.

attachment for sand

Why choose this attachment?

This attachment will make beach visits a lot more fun for wheelchair users. You will be able to participate in beach activities with your friends and family. Additionally, you will be able to explore the many wonderful places of our beautiful coastline that have previously been inaccessible in a wheelchair.

The unique front ball wheel attachment lets you travel across sand easily and without effort. It is lightweight and easy to attach. You can carry it in the boot of your car and in just minutes transform your standard manual wheelchair into the ultimate beach-machine. The wheelchair attachment for sand will allow you to enjoy visits to the seaside like never before.

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Advantages of the Invictus Active wheelchair attachment for sand

  • Lightweight for easy handling and storing
  • Small enough to fit in the boot of the car
  • Easy to attach for fast transformation
  • Attaches to the front frame of most types of wheelchair
  • Adjustable height to ensure the caster wheels do not scrape the sand
  • Provides easy pushing across the sand
  • Simple to attach unaided for greater freedom and independence

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