Wheelchair Caster Wheels

Each wheelchair has two front caster wheels, as standard you will most likely find aluminium 4 inch in size wheelchair caster wheels fitted.


Diameter sizes of wheelchair casters:

3 inch = 76mm
4 inch = 100mm
5 inch = 125mm

What size wheelchair caster wheels should I have?

The size of the caster will change the angle of your wheelchair, for example if you have larger diameter caster wheels then this will increase the height of your chair at the front and tip you back a little. However often there are two holes so you can have a different size caster and still keep the chair the same.

Are larger casters better?

Along with personal preference there are pro’s and con’s of which size of wheelchair caster wheels are the best – one argument is that larger casters are better over uneven ground and the risk of the wheels ‘digging in’ is reduced.


Wheelchair caster wheels

Types available:

There are different types and designs of caster wheels for wheelchairs available – including different colours and even flashing ones!