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Working out in a wheelchair is not so easy, but with the help of the Wheely Good Fitness Wheel-Spin™ DVD and using the Invictus Active Trainer, you can give yourself really effective wheelchair fitness classes right in your own home.

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We have a series of workout videos which you can watch online and follow using your trainer covering all aspects of fitness from weight loss to shoulder conditioning.

Wheely Good Fitness

Wheel-spin DVD offers a number of different workouts

The Wheel-spin DVD offers a number of different workouts that are designed for self-propelling wheelchair users. These wheelchair fitness classes offer a full cardio workout right in the security and safety of your own home. The Invictus Active trainer is a compact and light-weight roller trainer that is quick and easy to set up. You simply place your wheelchair with the wheels on the rollers and follow the instructions on the DVD.

wheelchair fitness classes

These wheelchair fitness classes offer two basic styles of workout.

The first, called Intervals, starts with a slow warm up and then takes you on a two-level sequence. During the first level, the rest mode, you push yourself at a normal energetic pace.

As the resistance of the rollers of the Invictus Active trainer can be altered, you can increase the difficulty as your general fitness improves. In between each rest mode, you will do a sprint and each one varies in duration to really give your body a workout. Afterwards, there is a cooldown routine and a gentle stretching session.

wheelchair fitness classes

Improve your general level of fitness and health

The second workout option is called Random, and this one again starts with a warm-up and then a mixture of random sequences that build up your stamina, endurance and coordination.

With the help of these wheelchair fitness classes and the Invictus Active trainer, you can give yourself an intense but fun upper body workout that lets you train safely and productively and improve your general level of fitness and health. You can start out doing it just once a week but aim to use these wheelchair fitness classes up to three times a week to really get yourself in form.

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