Wheelchair Fitness

We have the answer to wheelchair fitness that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

We are passionate about wheelchair fitness – and our goal is to help wheelchair users get as fit and active as possible. Not only have we designed and manufactured the ultimate wheelchair fitness machine we provide the help and advice to get the most out of your workouts.

Keeping fit and active with a disability is key to maintaining health but also getting the most out of your body and physical capabilities – keeping fit can be achieved through a range of different exercises – including joining a local sports team, going to the gym or even just pushing your wheelchair along the road or through using exercise equipment such as our Invictus Active Trainer.

What is the answer or solution to wheelchair fitness?

There are a number of ways to improve fitness as a wheelchair user, firstly you need to look at your diet and see where you can eat healthier – then you need to see how you can get more exercise. The ‘get more exercise’ part is not easy, we know this – but you have a few options:

  1. Join a local wheelchair sports team – find one here.
  2. Other exercise activities – you cannot beat swimming.
  3. Go for a push, just like a jog – the FreeWheel is the best bit of kit for this.
  4. Find a specialist piece of equipment – we can help

In 2014 Paul Cooksey (who had a spinal cord injury following a motorbike accident) was trying to do exactly this – get fit and lose weight. He cut down the number of calories he was consuming and did number 1 above, started to play wheelchair tennis – but was not losing weight or getting any fitter. This where the Invictus Active Trainer was born. You can find out more about about the story here – but the end result is a piece of specialist equipment that can be used by any wheelchair user, is easy to use and will get you fit. It might sound too good to be true but we have sold a large number Worldwide and have the data (yes, actual fitness data of wheelchair users) that shows how much fitter people have got. If you are serious about wheelchair fitness and exercise then join this growing list with the trainer and our advise you will get fitter.

Watch the trainer in action!…

Wheelchair gym equipment cardio

Great action shot of Glen

Wheelchair fitness

What is wheelchair fitness?

It’s not about being a super fit athlete or winning gold medals – it’s about ensuring you are as fit as you can possibly be so it makes a difference to your own life. If you weigh less and your muscles are stronger then the benefits you will gain are huge. Not just to general health but everyday little things will be easier too.

What are your goals?

We have helped many people with wheelchair fitness, but everyone has a different goal. For some people their aim is to getting fitter so they can complete a charity ‘push’ and others it’s to make pushing around the local shops easier. Every goal can be achieved and using our Invictus Active Trainer we can help you build up muscles and lose weight.