Calories Burned Using a Wheelchair?

The ultimate wheelchair fitness machine.
Self propelling ‘pushing’ is proven to burn calories.

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On average you burn approx 250 kcal self propelling a wheelchair at 3mph for 30 minutes.


But did you know – you burn more using the upper body…

It is a little unknown fact that you burn more calories using the upper body than the lower – how? Think of it like this… your legs are historically bigger muscles than your arms and if used to ‘power’ your body will require a certain level of effort to do so, this effort will result in calories burnt. So imagine you are using your legs to jog – you increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Now say you are using a wheelchair and using your arms – arms have smaller muscles than legs, so if you use your arms to power your engine it will require more effort and increase your heart rate more – therefore burning more calories. So one of the best ways to burn calories as a wheelchair user is to push and self propel!

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And even more calories using the Invictus Active Trainer…

You burn up to 350 kcal every 30 mins on the trainer because you push more and use more effort – have you ever counted the number of times you push (touch your wheels) when pushing around normally? You will surprised how many you miss with rolling or stopping – the trainer does not allow you to cheat! – you push constant and solid and burn more calories.

Just like jogging is good for you (visit any gym and you will find rows of treadmills with people jogging!) pushing / self propelling is also good for you – this is something the Invictus Active Trainer enables you to do.

You can easily get on and off the trainer and push – it connects to a mobile phone via our app and records all your data! See how many calories you have burnt over a period of time and see the weight loss.

It is also good for building strength and improving technique, a great piece of equipment for wheelchair users to get fit.

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What calorie burning exercise routines are there?

There are many different types of workouts that you can do using the Invictus Active Trainer – including our Wheel Spin DVD! – We can also help provide a workout routine to follow depending on your goals. So if you are looking to burn calories and lose weight then we have a different workout routine for you than if you wanted to work on your shoulder and build up the muscle strength so that you prevent injury.

Calories burned using a wheelchair…

It’s a common question “how many calories burned using a wheelchair”… not only can we help you lose weight, but you will also find these benefits…

  • Build up muscle strength – strengthen muscles around your shoulders will help prevent injury.
  • Improve technique – practise makes perfect, something you can do safely on our trainer.
  • Get fitter – build stamina and improve your overall fitness.

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Smart model – accessible gym equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

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Calories burned using a wheelchair