Exercise For Disabled Adults

For disabled adults, particularly those who use a wheelchair fulltime, getting enough exercise can be difficult.

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Even if you have an active lifestyle and get out and about in your chair, you are still probably not getting enough real exercise to ensure good health.


The Invictus Active Trainer is the perfect way for disabled adults to exercise.

The trainer is a treadmill which allows wheelchair users to get a really effective upper body workout. The Invictus Active Trainer was designed by Paul Cooksey to combat his weight-gain after spending a year in bed following a motorbike crash. Paul is now a fulltime wheelchair user and his product has helped thousands of fellow wheelchair users to keep their weight under control, build muscle, and to improve their overall physical condition.

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increase the intensity of work out…

The idea is simple, but the effects are impressive. You just guide your chair up the gentle ramp and locate the driving wheels on the two rollers. Then push your chair just as you would normally.  Going through the motions, without actually moving, means that you can concentrate on your pushing technique. You can adjust your position in the chair and the resistance of the rollers to work different muscles and to increase the intensity of work out.

350-kcals in just 30-minutes..

Not having to look where you are going or worry about obstacles or the road surface lets you focus all your energy into a powerful, repeated motion that burns up calories and builds muscles. You can burn up to 350-kcals in just 30-minutes of intense workout. It is a great cardio-vascular exercise which reduces the risk of developing heart conditions, diabetes and other ailments. Not only that, regular use of the trainer can also improve your coordination, your balance and your pushing technique.

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Smart model – accessible gym equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

There is no better, more convenient, or effective way
For a disabled adult to exercise
Than with the Invictus Active Trainer.

Calories burned using a wheelchair