Exercise Equipment For Disabled Seniors

Our trainer offers disabled seniors an easy and enjoyable way to exercise and keep fit.

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For wheelchair users, it has been hard to find exercise equipment to meet their needs…until now! Our trainer lets you get a complete upper body workout while sitting in your own wheelchair. What’s more, it has the advantage that you can use it in the privacy of your own home, whenever you wish.

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Why is it important that disabled seniors exercise?

Keeping to a regular exercise routine can improve your general health and well-being. Additionally, elderly people typically experience a decrease in their muscle tone. This can mean that propelling their wheelchair can become more and more difficult, and can limit their independence. Regular use of the Invictus Active Trainer can help you to maintain muscle mass so that you can continue to enjoy the same freedom of movement that you have been used to. Not only that, our trainer can also improve the functioning of your heart and lungs, and maintain your balance and coordination – it really is the ideal exercise equipment for disabled seniors.


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What special about the Invictus Active Trainer?

The trainer is lightweight and easy to set up and to use. You can leave it set up so that you can exercise whenever you feel like it. Or, you can easily fold it up for storage if you are short of space. It can be used by wheelchair users who are able to propel themselves, of all ages. The rollers can be set to different resistances, so you can increase the benefits of your exercise routine.

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Smart model – accessible gym equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

Many hospitals and rehabilitation centres

The trainer is used in many hospitals and rehabilitation centres, and having access to one in your own home, can have a noticeable effect on your general health and wellbeing. Exercise can improve not only your physical capacities but also your mental capabilities. People who exercise, generally have more energy and feel more positive about their lives.

So, find out all about our amazing trainer, and prepare to enjoy life more!

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Calories burned using a wheelchair