Improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user

Maintaining strong wrists and arms as a wheelchair user is important to help reduce the risk of injury and to ensure you have the strength to push around day to day and be as active and independent as possible.

Improve Wrist Arm Strength

How can we help you improve wrist strength?

We (see here for more about us) have designed and developed our own product called the Invictus Active Trainer which is essentially a treadmill for wheelchair users. It enables you to push / propel your own wheelchair in a static safe environment and use the exact same muscles that you would use when pushing around on the ground. This mean you can improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user by increasing the rolling resistance and increasing your grip on the push rim of your wheelchair more than you would usually. As an exercise routine this will improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user and build muscles that will then make it easier and improve your pushing day to day.

Improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user

What about building arm strength as a wheelchair user?

The muscles you need to build and improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user and muscles in the wrists and arms that you use to push a wheelchair, so there is no better way to build these up than replicate the exact same action. You are using the same muscles but on our trainer. There are several different workouts and exercise routines all aimed at improve wrist arm strength wheelchair user and our trainer connects to an app on your phone or tablet to record all the data.

Over equipment to consider – Hand Leg Exercise

The handles and foot pedals are connected, allowing the user to support the legs with the arms or vice versa if necessary. Likewise, in the case of semi-sided paralysis, strong side of the body can also support the weak side.

The BerkelBike Fitness is anything but difficult to utilize. Place a solid seat or the wheelchair before the gadget. The client puts their feet on the pedals; these can be anchored with movable lashes if essential. The screen will illuminate when the handles or foot pedals are moved and the preparation can start.

Invictus Active Trainer

Get fit, lose weight, improve balance & increase muscle strength! The ultimate wheelchair fitness machine, developed by wheelchair users. The Invictus Active Trainer is a treadmill for wheelchair users and will improve your fitness – it’s proven to burn calories, condition shoulders and fine tune your pushing technique. Shipped anywhere in the World with 1000’s of users across the globe. Delivery time: currently within 4 weeks from order. Free trial and split payment option from £66.60 per month - click here.

Wrist / arm muscles:

There are several muscles in the wrist and forearm and using our Invictus Active Trainer you can build these up and strengthen them.

Our trainer is compact and easy to use – it’s the ultimate exercise equipment for improve wrist arm strength as a wheelchair user.

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