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Getting the right paraplegic weight loss plan

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Losing weight as a paraplegic can be difficult (we know!) but with the right exercise and diet it can be achieved – its all about getting the right paraplegic weight loss plan in place. Exercise + healthy eating = weight loss.

Our trainer was invented to lose weight! 

Paul, co-founder of Invictus Active, left hospital following nearly 12 months in the Midlands Spinal Centre after a spinal cord injury and naturally had put weight on – determined to get back to fitness and an active lifestyle he came up with the idea of a wheelchair treadmill – and the Invictus Active Trainer was born! – you can read more about this story here.

So how will I lose weight?

From our tests you can burn up to 350 calories for every 30 minutes pushing on our trainer –  which is a huge number! So as part a paraplegic weight loss plan you can burn calories and loose weight. When using the trainer you push harder and more frequently than when pushing along the road or around every day (that’s why we called it a trainer!) and something we have also found from our testing and research is anyone actually increases the heart rate more from using the upper body than the legs, so therefore burn more calories!

Try it for 14 days!

We know it works and we are confident once it can be seen the calories are being burnt and the weight is coming off that you’ll be happy with the trainer, but at the same time you want be sure this is the best Paraplegic weight loss plan for you. This is why we offer a no quibble 14 day return, buy the trainer and try it in your home – if your not happy (or have not burnt calories!) send it back to us for a full no quibble money back.

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Improve your fitness – used in gyms, at home and within hospitals.

The Invictus Active Trainer is not only ideal for a wheelchair user to lose weight but it will improve overall fitness – it’s the ultimate fitness machine to improve muscle strength and cardio fitness.

Price: from £799 – and we delivery anywhere in the World!


We tested to see how many calories are burnt…

Shrewsbury University

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