Quadriplegic Weight Loss

suitable for all wheelchairs

Quadriplegic weight loss can be achieved using our Invictus Active Trainer – suitable for all wheelchairs you easily back up onto the rollers and start pushing. You can be exercising and burning calories within seconds!

Used in the home, gym and spinal hospitals.

We have won numerous awards over the last couple of years whilst we have toured the country demonstrating our trainer – including Able Magazines 5 Star Product Rating. The trainer is now used Worldwide, we ship direct from our factory in the UK. As a quadriplegic weight loss solution it really does work, if you are looking to get fit and lose weight then it will help. We are so confident that we offer a 14 day no quibble guarantee, try it at home for 14 days.

  • Suitable for any wheelchair
  • Record calories burnt via mobile app
  • Folds up and compact
  • Used across the World
  • Proven to work and burn calories

Using the upper body increases the heart rate more than using legs and therefore pushing a wheelchair is a great way to burn calories.

Invictus Active Trainer

Get fit, lose weight, improve balance & increase muscle strength! The ultimate wheelchair fitness machine, developed by wheelchair users. The Invictus Active Trainer is a treadmill for wheelchair users and will improve your fitness – it’s proven to burn calories, condition shoulders and fine tune your pushing technique. Shipped anywhere in the World with 1000’s of users across the globe. Delivery time: currently within 4 weeks from order. Free trial and split payment option from £66.60 per month - click here.
Why is the trainer so good? – more than just burning calories!

We’ve already explained above how you burn hundreds of calories and how our trainer is a Quadriplegic weight loss solution – the video below also shows the research into this – but using the trainer will bring other benefits, including:

  • Pushing technique – you can work on your pushing and improve this, which will then transfer to everyday pushing.
  • Build strength – increase strength and stamina, you can do this is a controlled way – something which is very difficult otherwise.
  • Balance – you may think as a quadriplegic you have no core muscles, this is correct but you can improve your balance using other muscles (such as the neck) and general improved technique. Again something you can work on using our Invictus Active Trainer.

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This is Invictus Active.



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Portable &

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Best Weight
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Research recording the calories burnt.

The video below is Scott from Invictus Active at Shrewsbury University – calculating the calories burnt…



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