Spinal Cord Injury Exercise Equipment

The ultimate wheelchair fitness machine.
Proven to burn calories, prevent injury and improve your fitness.

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Our trainer is the answer to wheelchair fitness, it’s a treadmill for a wheelchair user – specifically designed and built to help someone get fitter and improve their lifestyle.

How it helps someone with a spinal injury….

It’s suitable to any wheelchair and any fitness level – whether you can push 100m or your training to complete in the Toyko 2020 this spinal cord injury exercise equipment will improve your fitness. It replicates pushing a wheelchair – but with no camber and no potholes. You are in a static environment where you work on your fitness.

Who uses the Invictus Active Trainer?…

The honest answer is 100’s of people across the World – varying from those who are recently spinal cord injured through to those who have been using a wheelchair for 30 years are looking to prevent a shoulder injury. Our trainer is spinal cord injury exercise equipment used in the Midlands Spinal Injury Unit Hospital and is also used in several Universities across the globe who are carrying out research.

Spinal Cord Injury Exercise Equipment

What workout routines are there?

There are several workout routines that you can carry out using the trainer – these include ‘burn and burst’ where you will burn more calories through to ‘2 push stop’ workouts that really gets the heart rate going! – we work with you to set a training plan and ensure you get the most out of your Invictus Active Trainer.

Reach out: info@invictusactive.com

The benefits are huge…

Using the Invictus Active Trainer will bring huge benefits – these include:

  • Building muscle strength – increasing muscles around your shoulders will help prevent injury.
  • Lose weight – burn up to 350 kcal every 30 minutes.
  • Get fitter – build stamina and improve your overall fitness.

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Smart modelconnect to your phone via our app and records speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

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