Upper Body Workout For Wheelchair Users

The ultimate fitness machine for wheelchair users – proven to work.

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Our trainer provides wheelchair users with the opportunity to give themselves an excellent upper body work out. Furthermore, you may be surprised to learn, that an upper body workout is more effective at burning calories and increasing heart and respiration rate than a lower body work out. (We are working with some universities to prove this theory – find out more)

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the muscles in your arms are smaller than those of the legs. That means, that you have to work those muscles harder to propel yourself. Consequently, you gain more benefits. With the Invictus Active Trainer, you use the core muscles of your body as well. These muscles are vital for balance and developing them can improve your everyday life.

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Why does the trainer provide such a good workout?

By concentrating on your pushing technique, you can exercise all of your upper body muscles. Try changing your position in the chair to feel which muscles react more in different places. To get the most benefit out of your upper body workout don’t lean back on the backrest.

In fact, if you can take the backrest off altogether (or lower it), this will force you to really use your core muscles to keep your stability and to provide pushing power. If this is not possible there are many different ways you can workout and we can help you put together a good plan of action.

Also. with our trainer, you can increase the resistance of the rollers to increment the difficulty of your workout.

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Smart model – upper body workout wheelchair equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

It’s Smart – connects to our app and displays speed and more! 

You can burn up to 350-kcal in just a half hour of continuous pushing on our trainer. That means you will find it easier to keep your weight at an optimum level. During the workout, you should expect your heart and breathing rate to increase and to build up a sweat. With the smart versions of the Invictus Active Trainer, you can hook up with your tablet or phone to monitor these readings and to maintain a record of your workouts.

The data displayed is speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt and it can all be saved and recorded on your phone or tablet.

from £799 + FREE Delivery.


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Calories burned using a wheelchair

Over equipment to consider – Hand Leg Exercise

The handles and foot pedals are connected, allowing the user to support the legs with the arms or vice versa if necessary. Likewise, in the case of semi-sided paralysis, strong side of the body can also support the weak side.

The BerkelBike Fitness is anything but difficult to utilize. Place a solid seat or the wheelchair before the gadget. The client puts their feet on the pedals; these can be anchored with movable lashes if essential. The screen will illuminate when the handles or foot pedals are moved and the preparation can start.