Weight Loss For Wheelchair Users

The Invictus Active Trainer was developed in 2015 by Paraplegic Paul Cooksey

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Losing weight as a wheelchair user is not easy – but it is possible and we can make it easier. The Invictus Active Trainer was developed in 2015 by Paraplegic Paul Cooksey for that exact reason. He left hospital after a spinal cord injury (T3 complete) and needed to lose weight, after cutting back on as much food as possible and only eating 1000 kcal a day he was not losing weight, eating less would not be healthy and finding a good piece of exercise equipment was proving even harder. This is when the journey started to develop the ultimate weight loss machine for wheelchair users where you can train easily from your own wheelchair and burn tons of calories!

Burn up to 350 calories every 30 mins!

Smart model – connect to your phone via our app and records calories – training programmes use your heart rate and ensure you train in the correct zone.

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How much weight will I lose?

Calories burnt is individual – one person will burn a different number of calories to the next as it’s all about heart rate and the persons individual body. What we do know is a 30 minute ‘push’ on the trainer burn 300 to 400 calories – so if you do x4, 30 min workout session per week you will burn a full days worth of food in calories!

You can record how much weight loss using our app!

A proper weight loss programme for wheelchair users requires data – you need to record stats and see how much calories and weight you are losing. With our app you can do exactly this and use our heart rate monitor.

Price: from £799 – and we delivery anywhere in the World!


How does the trainer work?

It simulates wheelchair pushing – so as a weight loss for wheelchair users exercise machine it provides not only a calorie burner but also builds the exact muscles needed for self propelling your own wheelchair. Build muscle strength and lose weight as a wheelchair user is possible using the Invictus Active Trainer.