Wheelchair Accessible Treadmill

Treadmills have long been a standard part of gym equipment.

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They provide a controlled environment in which the user can concentrate on their walking, jogging or running. They are great for able-bodied people, but what about wheelchair users?


Now, there is a wheelchair accessible treadmill…

. It is called the Invictus Active Trainer and it is changing the lives of wheelchair users. For the first-time wheelchair users can get an intense upper body workout using a professionally designed piece of equipment.

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Paul Cooksey was searching for a way to shed the pounds…

In 2006, when paraplegic Paul Cooksey was searching for a way to shed the pounds he had put on after a long recuperation in bed following a bike crash, he found there was nothing available. So, he set out to design a machine to meet his needs. He started out building a prototype in his garage with some old parts he had to hand. The first model was very basic but it worked and it proved to him that the idea was viable.

Since then, the Invictus Active Trainer has evolved into a state-of-the-art wheelchair accessible treadmill. It is sturdily constructed from high-quality materials yet is lightweight. It can easily be folded down for easy storage. It is easy to use and beware-it’s addictive!

Pushing technique improves along with your balance…

The user simply pushes the chair backwards up the gentle ramps to position the driving wheels onto the rollers. These can be adjusted to make pushing harder or easier. Then PUSH. Just like able-bodied treadmills the machine lets the user concentrate solely on the repeated action. You will find that your pushing technique improves along with your balance and coordination. You will lose flab, build muscle, and enjoy all the health benefits that aerobic exercise will bring.

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Smart model – accessible gym equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

There are now three different models of the Invictus Active Trainer.

David Weir Wheelchair Rollers

The Smart model connects via Bluetooth to a phone

Or tablet to record your performance.

Calories burned using a wheelchair

The Smart Plus model monitors your heartbeat and calorie consumption to give you instant inspirational feedback.