Wheelchair Aerobics

Wheelchair aerobics is a great way to burn up calories

Improve strength and stamina

Keeping fit and active is vital for good health. However, for wheelchair users, it is not easy to get sufficient exercise, and exercise options are scarce. This means, that many disabled people are facing additional health challenges due to their poor general physical condition. Wheelchair aerobics is a great way to burn up calories, increase movement, and improve strength and stamina.

Wheely Good Fitness DVD

Wheely Good Fitness offers DVDs specifically designed for wheelchair users by a wheelchair user- Kris Saunders. For a fun but demanding upper body workout try their wheelchair aerobics video “Wheel-Fit”, or if you are looking for a gentler exercise routine check out the “Wheel-Flex” DVD which concentrates more on flexibility and posture.

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wheelchair user- Kris Saunders
Wheely Good Fitness offers DVDs
wheelchair aerobics
Wheelchair aerobics training session

For those looking for a really demanding cardiovascular workout, the “Wheel-Spin” DVD is a must. This wheelchair aerobics training session concentrates on building muscle and burning calories and uses the Invictus Active Trainer as a training unit.

This roller trainer lets you get a serious workout right in your own home and the DVD is aimed at self-propelling wheelchair users who want to enhance their pushing technique and improve their overall fitness.

Invictus Active Trainer
wheelchair aerobics
Lightweight and easy to set up and use

The Invictus Active Trainer is lightweight and easy to set up and use. It allows you to achieve a complete cardio workout in the comfort and safety of your own home, and the trainer feels exactly as if you are pushing on an open road, without the distractions and problems such as the weather and road conditions. The DVD contains two workout options, called Intervals and Random. Both take you through a series of warm-up movements before the real hard work begins and then at the end there are stretching exercises to finish.

If you are serious about getting fit, a wheelchair aerobics session using the Invictus Active Trainer has been proved to be one of the most effective options, and the “Wheel-Spin” DVD will guide you through and put you on the path to a better level of health.