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Our Invictus Active Trainer is the ultimate cardio workout machine for wheelchair users

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Achieving and maintaining good cardiovascular health is important for everyone. A cardio, or aerobic, workout is one which increases your heart and respiration rate over a sustained period of time – it can sometimes be hard to achieve as a wheelchair user – but have solved this! Our Invictus Active Trainer is the ultimate wheelchair cardio machine proven to increase heart rate and burn calories.

Cardio exercise strengthens and increases the efficiency of your heart and lungs. In addition, aerobic exercise can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, boost your immune system, and reduce the risk of developing Type II diabetes. It can also help you to lose weight and improve general fitness.

Upper body exercise is the best cardio workout!


Our trainer allows wheelchair users to experience the benefits of a real cardio workout, right from their own chair. Designed by wheelchair users, the Invictus Active Trainer can be used by people of all ages and capabilities. The trainer encourages you to maintain a constant and solid push and lets you concentrate solely on doing that.

Adjustable, compact – used in gyms, homes and clinics.

With the adjustable resistance and angle of the rollers, you can start out gently. You should aim to do 30-minutes three times a week at first. As you develop your technique and build up your muscles you can increase the resistance. This increments the force required and maximises your cardio workout. When you are able to perform an intense workout, you can reduce the time to just 20-minutes three times a week to enjoy the same health benefits.

There are numerous different workout routines that you can do with this wheelchair cardio machine – for example try alternating a minute at maximum intensity followed by 1 ½ minutes at a moderate pace. You can also use the virtual screen (see here) and push along your choice of 100’s routes from across the World.

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Keeping track keeps you motivated

With the Smart versions of our trainer, you can keep track of your workouts using Bluetooth with your phone or tablet. The app lets you see the distance you have covered and the speeds you have reached. Not only that, you can monitor your heart rate and the calories you have burned up. It’s a great way to stay motivated and to assess your progress.

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Smart model – wheelchair cardio equipment that connects to your phone via our app. Easily record speed, distance, heart rate and calories burnt!

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