Wheelchair Exercise System

The Invictus Active Roller is a complete wheelchair exercise system

Invictus Roller

The Invictus Active Roller is a complete wheelchair exercise system that you can use in the safety and comfort of your own home. This exercise roller sets up quickly and folds down easily for simple storage, so you can exercise when and where you chose. You simply locate your driving wheels onto the roller and push just as you would normally.

The principal of this wheelchair exercise system is quite simple. It provides a safe and controlled situation where you can perform exercise routines that build muscle, improve cardiovascular strength, and increase health. The trainer allows you to develop specific muscles,and, as you can push backwards as well, you can even exercise muscles that you do not normally use.

The Invictus Active trainer offers a University-proven upper body workout that burns calories and encourages overall fitness. It is a great way to lose weight as well as improving your co-ordination and your pushing technique. There are fitness DVDs available that are designed for use with the Invictus Active Roller so you can participate in a planned and proven wheelchair exercise system without having to leave home.

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Smart versions of the Invictus Active Roller

The rollers have varying resistance so you can gradually build up your strength and stamina, and the smart versions of the Invictus Active Roller even let you track your performance and measure your heart rate.

Everyone knows that exercise makes a vital contribution to good health, but for wheelchair users getting a real work out is not easy. The Invictus Active Roller has revolutionised the exercise possibilities for wheelchair users and is promoting a healthier way of living that makes every aspect of life more pleasant.

This wheelchair exercise system has been proven to promote weight loss and general health and to improve co-ordination and stamina to make your day to day life easier. You can enjoy a free home trial of the Invictus Active Roller and discover for yourself how this wheelchair exercise system can improve your life.

Invictus Active Roller

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