Wheelchair Exercises For Arms

People in wheelchairs depend on the strength of their arms to self-propel

Wheelchair exercises for arms can make pushing much easier and less tiring. Additionally, they can help to prevent shoulder strain and pain.

Wheelchair users depend on the strength of their arms to self-propel. By building muscle, you will be able to travel further with less effort. Also, exercising will protect your shoulders from stress. The best way to increase your muscle mass is by doing wheelchair exercises for arms. And the best place to do these is on the Invictus Active Trainer.

What is the Invictus Active Trainer?

The Invictus Active Trainer is a portable, lightweight, foldable roller exerciser. It lets you get a thorough upper body workout, right in your own home. Simply place your driving wheels onto the rollers, and push. On the trainer, you can concentrate on your pushing action without the worries of normal on-road pushing. You can isolate and feel the effect on each individual muscle. The most effective wheelchair exercises for arms can be performed on the Invictus Active Trainer.

Ella Beaumont workouts on the Trainer

Ella Beaumont is a silver medalist on the GB Wheelchair Basketball team in the Under 25 Women’s European Championships. She is also a YouTuber with a large following. Ella has used a wheelchair all her life. A blood clot on her spine which formed while in the womb resulted in her being paralysed from the chest down at birth.

She promotes good health for wheelchair users through exercise. Ella has recently created a series of workouts using the Invictus Active Trainer. The workouts include wheelchair exercises for arms. You can check out Ella’s workouts on the trainer here.

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Build up both strength and stamina

You can increase the resistance of the rollers as your muscle mass builds. This allows you to build up both strength and stamina. With the smart models of the roller, you can also measure your heart rate and keep track of the distance “travelled” in each session. Additionally, you can set the rollers so you can push backwards so exercising your arm muscles in a totally different way.

Gradually increasing the difficulty and length of your wheelchair exercises for arms routine will bring you other health benefits. You will improve cardiac performance and maintain an optimum weight. All of these things can combine to make your day to day life both easier and more enjoyable.

Why choose the Invictus Active Trainer?

The benefits of exercise are well known, and university testing has confirmed that the Invictus Active Roller offers one of the best cardio-vascular upper body workouts for wheelchair users It is used by thousands of people around the world to get fitter and to stay healthier. Call us today to set up a free home trial and discover the benefits of having the trainer in your home. It will really help you with your wheelchair exercises for arms and to improve your health in general.