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Invictus Active Trainer good gym equipment for wheelchair users

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If you are looking for wheelchair gym equipment then we have the answer – our solution is the Invictus Active Trainer, which provides a full cardio workout for any manual wheelchair user.

“I can’t believe how much it makes you work – love it”
Glen, Shropshire UK

Why is the Invictus Active Trainer good gym equipment for wheelchair users?

To be honest the answer is easy – is there any other equipment out there which provides a cardio workout for a wheelchair user? You will find it very different if not impossible to find, which is one of the reasons why we created the Invictus Active Trainer – it is easy to use, ideal for any manual wheelchair user and you can simply back up onto it and start pushing – it’s essentially a wheelchair treadmill. It also records your speed and calories!

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Why is the trainer so special?

It’s easy to use, gets the heart rate going and burn serious amounts of calories – the first task is push on the trainer for 5 minutes at 3 mph – trust us, you will feel like you have been to the gym! If you want a Sunday stroll then it’s maybe not for you, but if you want to get fitter or lose weight and are looking for wheelchair gym equipment then it’s ideal.

It’s smart – it connects to your phone via our app and records your speed, distance, heart rate and calories. You can save this data and see your progress over time. It’s good and it works.

What data does the app record?

The app record all the data you will need – speed, distance, heart rate and calories. It connects straight up to the bluetooth sensor on our trainer.

Price: from £799 – and we delivery anywhere in the World!


Is it for the gym or the home?

Our trainer is used in both, Worldwide. It’s small and compact so it can used in the lounge or bedroom just as easy as it can be used in a gym spin class – as wheelchair gym equipment go it’s suitable for any setting – at the home or commercial gyms. It come in a box and is ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

Over equipment to consider – Hand Leg Exercise

The handles and foot pedals are connected, allowing the user to support the legs with the arms or vice versa if necessary. Likewise, in the case of semi-sided paralysis, strong side of the body can also support the weak side.

The BerkelBike Fitness is anything but difficult to utilize. Place a solid seat or the wheelchair before the gadget. The client puts their feet on the pedals; these can be anchored with movable lashes if essential. The screen will illuminate when the handles or foot pedals are moved and the preparation can start.