Wheelchair Rowing Equipment

Rowing is an excellent sport

Rowing is an excellent sport that exercises the body and relaxes the mind, and it is one that with wheelchair rowing equipment, both able-bodied and disabled people can enjoy. Clubs nationwide offer rowing for people with a wide variety of disabilities and specially adapted boats are part of the wheelchair rowing equipment that lets people of all different capabilities participate.

Britain has a lot of adaptive rowing talent, and in the Paralympic Games, which will take place in Rio in 2016, GB is the only nation which has qualified to compete in four different boat classes.

Rowing was included for the first time in the Paralympic games of 2008 in Beijing, and the single scullers Tom Aggar and Helen Raynsford both won gold medals for the GB team.

Tom Aggar and Helen Raynsford
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wheelchair rowing equipment
Wheelchair Rowing Equipment

Like all sports, rowing requires training and dedication and one of the most popular wheelchair rowing equipment training aids is the adapted indoor rower Concept2.

However, many people also use this indoor rower just as an enjoyable and effective workout, and with the addition of the Tractor Seat people with disabilities can use it both to train for competitions and to get fit. The Concept2 Tractor Seat is an important piece of wheelchair rowing equipment as it is larger than a normal seat and so easier to get both into and out of. It is also more stable and the wider base provides more support while rowing. This after-factory alternative sliding seat is quick and easy to install and allows disabled people to access the health benefits of rowing.

However, rowing is not for everyone and the Invictus Active Trainer is another fantastic piece of equipment that allows wheelchair users get a really demanding upper body workout that can help them to increase their general level of fitness and health, maintain an ideal weight, build muscle, and .participate in a demanding workout in their own home.