Wheelchair For Gravel

We provide a solution that makes getting over gravel (well any terrain) easy!

Pushing a normal wheelchair over gravel is pretty much impossible. It seems that the harder you push, the deeper you become entrenched and unable to move. So, is there a wheelchair for gravel? Yes, there is, and the best news is, that it’s your existing wheelchair.

Our off-road wheels and FreeWheel combo converts your everyday wheelchair into a wheelchair for gravel.

Just pop on our off-road wheels. They straight swap with your normal wheels, but these are wider, tougher and stronger. They also have all-terrain tyres to give you increased grip and better propulsion.

The extra width spreads the weight over a larger area and so stops you from getting dug-in on gravel. Additionally, these tyres come with puncture protection so flat tyres will be a thing of the past.

Our combo packet of off-road wheels combined with the FreeWheel will give you the ultimate wheelchair experience.
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Much less effort over any kind of terrain.

Now, clip the FreeWheel on to your wheelchair’s footrest. It is compatible with most types of wheelchair, so just get in touch with us and we’ll happy to make sure that your chair is one of them. Once attached, you just turn the wheel back and the casters will lift up off the ground. You will find that with just one large wheel up front you will be able to push yourself with much less effort over any kind of terrain.

You will really be able to get anywhere you want to go, with less effort and greater comfort. You can convert your everyday chair into a wheelchair for gravel, sand, snow, grass, slippery leaves, cobblestones, ruts…. you name it! Enjoy the freedom and security to travel further, faster, and more safely. With our combo pack, no track, path, road or surface is going to stop you from getting where you want to go.

We can also supply the wheelchairs