Wheelchair Frame Cup Or Mug Holder

The mug holder is made from a strong composite material.

Special KLICKfix adaptor

Attach this coffee mug holder onto the frame of your wheelchair or rollator, and take your favourite brew with you wherever you go. Keeping hydrated is important for good health and this clever adaptor allows you to attach a holder that can keep a variety of beverage containers close to hand. With this wheelchair frame beverage holder, your drink will be easily accessible to you as you move freely about in your daily routine.

First, you will need to attach the special KLICKfix adaptor onto the frame of your wheelchair. This just takes a few minutes and will allow you not only to then attach the Quokka cup holder but will also let you hang any of the range of Quokka bags and accessories from it.

Quokka Cupholder
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Quokka Cupholder 1
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The KLICKfix adaptor fits on to all sizes.

The KLICKfix adaptor fits on to all sizes of tubing and so is suitable for all types of wheelchairs. It can also be attached to any flat surface. The adaptor has a band strap which attaches it to the chair’s front mounting tube and you can adjust it to the angle you require for easy use. For a secure fitting, you will need to get two small holes drilled to attach the bracket securely.

This is particularly important for safety when carrying hot drinks in the cup holder. The KLICKfix adaptor can also be attached to the tubing of a rollator.

Quokka Cupholder 4
Quokka Cupholder 5
strong composite material & lightweight

Once the bracket is securely installed, the coffee mug holder just clips on. The mug holder is made from a strong composite material yet is very lightweight and it has a stylish design. This wheelchair frame cup holder can hold your coffee mug, your teacup, a can, a bottle, or even a stemmed glass. Whatever your tipple, this stylish wheelchair beverage holder will hold your drink safely and with easy access.