You may have seen whilst out and about a front wheel ‘thing’ attached to someone else’s wheelchair – and wondered what is that, what does it do?…

This front wheelchair thingamajig is called a FreeWheel and it’s probably the best thing you could ever attach to your wheelchair.

Have you ever wanted to go across some grass and thought ‘I can’t as the casters will dig in!‘ – or maybe some gravel or the beach? – maybe there is a curb and you end up going an extra half a mile to find the drop curb section! or even the dreaded ‘caster dig in’ – where if you are lucky you tip forwards and back and nearly end up out, or if your unlucky end up on the floor face first.

Anything other than supermarket flooring and the casters can be a nightmare or at least you have to be careful and watch out for any rough terrain. This is where the FreeWheel comes in, this clever little thingamajig lifts the caster wheels off the floor! and makes accessing the impossible, possible!

  • Get over grass, gravel and sand.
  • No caster wheels ‘digging in’.
  • Access more places!
  • No more looking at the floor whilst pushing!
  • Attaches to most wheelchairs

Check out our video, which shows the FreeWheel in action over a course…

To find out more click here.

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