Wheelchair Hire Edinburgh

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Sorry - no availability for hire in 2022. But we do sell the G Explorer that is great and works very well. We can deliver direct to any address, including hotels.

We can help you with your wheelchair hire Edinburgh and can provide you with a good suitable wheelchair that will be able to deal with all the cobbles! We do not hire basic wheelchairs that will be uncomfortable and make the experience of using a wheelchair unpleasant – if you need to use a wheelchair then we believe you should use the most suitable one available.

Wheelchair Hire Edinburgh

We understand this more than anyone! – Scott & Paul, co-founders of Invictus Active, are both full time wheelchair users following spinal cord injury and value the importance of having a good wheelchair – trust us, the difference it can make is huge.

Edinburgh is a beautiful place but the streets are not easy to navigate using a wheelchair because of the cobbles, the front small caster wheels on a wheelchair always ‘dig in’ and make pushing over the streets very difficult – but we can help…

For the ideal wheelchair hire Edinburgh you need a decent wheelchair, that gives you the option of being able to self propel or be pushed by a helper – even if you cannot push yourself you want big wheels at the back so you can turn when in a shop! You also want something to lift the caster wheels off the floor and we can supply a FreeWheel attachment just for this.

Excel G Explorer Wheelchair

Invictus Active Excel G Explorer Wheelchair – now available! The Excel G Explorer wheelchair from Van Os is a lightweight folding all-terrain wheelchair. Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong, well made, and built for the job. It has off-road wheels and tyres which allows users to propel themselves over terrains which would be impassable in a normal wheelchair. With a choice of seat widths, you can be sure of a comfortable fit, and this rugged all-terrain off-road wheelchair also offers numerous safety features. Additionally, the Excel G Explorer wheelchair is ideal for attaching a Freewheel. With this attachment, you will be able to negotiate even more difficult terrains with less effort. Works great with the freewheel attachment - see video below. We also fit the FreeWheel and adaptor for free when bought with the G Explorer, so no set-up required - ready to go! In stock (black and orange frame)

Limited Availability

We can supply and hire a wheelchair that will be suitable and make the experience of visiting Edinburgh for enjoyable for all – hiring a wheelchair in Edinburgh can be an easy process, we do have limited availability so it depends on the dates required but the process is very simple…

  1. Check we have availability for the dates needed
  2. Pay for the number of day required
  3. We deliver an all terrain wheelchair and FreeWheel attachment direct to you
  4. Enjoy you time in Edinburgh!
  5. We arrange collection of the wheelchair back to us

Delivery is all done using DPD who supply a 1 hour delivery window and make the process easy.

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