Wheelchair Power Attachment

A wheelchair power attachment can transform your manual wheelchair into a self-propelling vehicle.

That means that you can travel further with less effort. Additionally, you can tackle inclines and terrains that you would normally have trouble pushing yourself over.

Features of a wheelchair power attachment
  • It attaches and detaches quickly and easily to your wheelchair transforming it into a kind of powered trike
  • Wheelchair power attachments look like the front end of a motor scooter
  • The handlebars allow you to steer and the controls are here
  • The additional wheel lifts your castor wheels off the ground making it easier to travel over difficult terrains
  • The electric motor is found in the wheel hub
  • Most power attachments are suitable for use with a wide range of makes and models of wheelchairs
  • They are relatively light in weight to make manoeuvring and handling easy
  • Include a rechargeable battery which charges quickly
wheelchair power attachment

In the UK there are three main makes of wheelchair power attachments. The Bactec, the Triride, and the Rio Firefly. Each one has distinct features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Bactec
The Bactec

There are various models of the Bactec wheelchair power attachment. You can choose different wheel, battery, and motor sizes. It travels at a top speed of 20-27 km/hr with a maximum range of 40- 50 km on a single charge. The double-walled aluminium wheels are strong, and it has ultra-grip Maxxis tyres. It has dual mechanical brakes as well as a parking brake and has an aluminium frame. The main disadvantage of the Bactec is its weight, 14.7-16.7 kg. The battery adds another 4 kg, plus another 5 kg of optional weights which improve traction. Also, the docking system requires a heavy clamp to be permanently attached to the wheelchair.

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The Triride wheelchair power attachment

This attachment also comes in different models. All have stainless steel frames and reinforced aluminium wheels in a choice of sizes. Some models are lightweight with small wheels and are for indoor use. Others have larger wheels, a sturdier construction, and a larger motor to cope with outdoor driving. The 48V battery charges in 5-hours and has a maximum range of 50 km on a single charge. It has an intelligent braking system which you can program to suit your needs and the driving conditions. The Triride has five forward gears and one reverse and an LED display.

Rio Firefly
The Rio Firefly

This wheelchair power attachment features separate forward and reverse throttle with thumb controls. It has a top speed of 19 km/hr and can travel up to 24 km on a single charge. It weighs just 11.4 kg with the battery and features a simple “Quick Dock” attachment system. Adjusts to different sizes of wheelchairs.

The Bactec, Triride, and Rio Firefly wheelchair powered attachments can transform the way you get about. You will be able to travel effortlessly over different terrains. Additionally, you can extend the distance that you can travel. Alternatively, you can just use it to assist you on the hills. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors there exists the ideal attachment for you. Check out the different options and start enjoying more freedom and having more fun.

Rio Firefly