Wheelchair Winter Tyres

The combination of our off-road wheelchair wheels with our all-terrain tyres will give you the best option for wheelchair travel in the winter. You will enjoy a better grip to give you better traction. Also, these wheelchair winter tyres have puncture protection to give you peace of mind.

Wheelchair winter tyres for rain, snow, and slush

The British winter can make getting about in a wheelchair really tough. However, our all-terrain tyres, provide the extra grip you need to be able to cope with rain, snow, ice, slush, and dirt. These wheelchair winter tyres have enlarged outer lugs that increase their grip on the road even under adverse conditions. However, they still have a central ribbed section that decreases rolling resistance to make pushing easier.

Additionally, these tyres feature a patented puncture protection called K guard.  This consists of a layer of natural rubber which contains Kevlar® fibres to reinforce it. These fibres are extremely strong and make it virtually impossible for anything to pass through them and cause a puncture. That means that you can pass through puddles and over hidden dangers without the worry of getting a flat tyre.

All-terrain wheels are the perfect complement to your off-road tyres

Our all-terrain wheels are quick and easy to put and can be swapped for your regular wheels when needed. Although their rim measures 22-inches, you can straight swap them for 24 or 25-inch wheels without a problem. They fit straight on to a standard 1/2-inch diameter axle, although you may need to change your axle pin. We can help you to calculate the pin size you need by clicking here.

Off Road Wheelchair Wheels

Perfect wheels to allow you to get anywhere using your wheelchair! Our off road wheelchair wheels let you use your wheelchair wherever you want. These heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres give you freedom without fear. Enjoy tackling any kind of tricky track with the security that these off road wheelchair wheels will give you. Need help with the axel pin size? Watch our video here.   Tyres and inner tubes fitted for free - these wheels are ready to go. Price is for a pair of wheels. TRY FOR FREE! - yes, you can try them out without paying a penny - find out more here.

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These wheels are the perfect complement to your wheelchair winter tyres as they are stronger and can better withstand the tough conditions that inclement weather conditions can bring.  They have thirty-six stainless steel spokes which provide added strength and greater security. Additionally, these wheels have an off-centre hub. That means that they won’t hit the sideguard even though the tyre is wider.

These wheels are not only practical, but they are also stylish with their anodised black aluminium reinforced rims and pushrims. Put on a set of cushioned pushrim covers to get a more comfortable and better grip for increased  propulsion, even on the worst weather days.

Prepare yourself for winter

Get yourself set up for winter before it comes. We offer a free home trial of our off-road wheels and wheelchair winter tyres so you can be sure that they fit on your chair and will work for you. This combination can make your winter travel easier and safer by providing you with a better grip on the road surface. Additionally, they will give you improved traction so that you can propel yourself more easily through whatever conditions our lovely British climate may choose to throw at us.

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