Wheelchair With Thick Wheels

Check out the options of wheelchairs with thick wheels

Fat Wide wheelchair wheels
Off Road wheelchair wheels

Normal wheelchair wheels and tyres work fine for indoor use or over smooth terrains. However, if you want to be able to get to more places and to enjoy the freedom of going wherever you choose in your wheelchair, check out the options of wheelchairs with thick wheels.

Experience with the ultimate wheelchair Wheels

So that’s the big wheels sorted out, but, what about the casters? Those little wheels are always getting bogged down or stuck in ruts, so if you want to experience the ultimate in wheelchair freedom get the FreeWheel. This wheelchair attachment clips right on to most footrests. Get in touch to make sure that your wheelchair is suitable.

Fat Wide Wheelchair Wheels

Designed as a direct swap for standard 24-25″ wheels for when the terrain gets extreme! Built on a 507mm FAT rim with an offset hub (to space away from the chair side) and a black powder coated pushrim. The FAT wheel is fitted with a Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre, which has a wrap around tread made from Schwalbe’s offroad racing compound to enhance grip and performance and is a strength enhanced to protect the sidewalls.

We guarantee that in your wheelchair with thick wheels, there will be no stopping you!

Thick wheels spread out the load better, so they glide over the surface rather than digging in. Our off-road wheelchair wheels also have all-terrain tyres to give you extra grip and propulsion. In a wheelchair with our thick wheels you’ll be able to navigate across, grass, gravel, sand, and even snow. With 36-stainless-steel spokes, these off-road wheelchair wheels are strong and durable and have a load capacity of 150-kg over the two tyres. Just do a straight swap with your normal wheels when the going gets tough. The Schwalbe Landcruiser off-roading tyres also have a puncture protection which means you can go places without worrying about getting a flat tyre.

Once in place, you turn the wheel back on itself and this lifts your casters off the ground. Now, with just one large wheel up front, you will find getting over all kinds of rough, bumpy, loose, or difficult terrains much, much easier. You need to exert much less pushing power and you’ll enjoy a smoother ride.

So, get yourself a set of our off-roading wheels with all-terrain tyres, and the FreeWheel.

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