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Perfect wheelchair in Wolverhampton

Find out more about the range of wheelchairs Wolverhampton at Invictus Active. We carry a wide choice of rigid and folding active wheelchairs that are designed to make life easier and much more fun. Our wheelchairs are made from high-tech materials so they weigh less and that means they are very much easier to push. Additionally, they are totally customizable so you can put together the best size and design to suit your needs and increase your pushing capacity to go further, faster and with less effort. These chairs are bright, fun and stylish, and perfect for the busy day to day life of an active wheelchair user.

These are some of the top wheelchairs in Wolverhampton.

The Quickie Neon 2 is a lightweight folding chair which has a reinforced open frame which has much less flex, to give it the performance of a rigid chair. It has swing-away footrests for easy transfers and many adjustable features. It comes in a choice of 32 frame colours, and the forks, wheels, and upholstery trims can all be customised.

Wheelchairs Wolverhampton
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Wheelchairs Wolverhampton Invictus Active
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The Kuschall Advance has a rigid carbon seat plate and a futuristic appearance. This high-tech, super- lightweight chair offers incredible performance and responsiveness along with a high comfort level. The unique strips located at the rear of the seat plate distribute the user’s body weight more evenly for unrivalled comfort and pressure distribution. Many heights and angles can be changed, making this an ideal chair for a first-time user who is developing their ideal pushing position.

The Xenon 2 SA is a compact folding wheelchair which is really easy to fold up making it ideal to use on varied transportations and it has swing-away leg rests for easy transfers. It has a minimalistic style and comes in a choice of 32 frame colours with five different finishes. Multiple sizes of seat and backrest are available to let you create the perfect portable chair for your needs.