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Perfect wheelchair in Coventry

Find the best options for active wheelchairs Coventry on the Invictus active website. Here, you will find a wide range of folding and rigid wheelchairs to suit all needs and budgets. These chairs have many adjustable features so that your chair can grow with you or adapt to your changing needs. Customised sizes of seats and backrests ensure your comfort and ideal pushing position, and the lightweight materials of these high-tech chairs make them easy to push. That means that you can get farther with less effort and so enjoy life more. Most of these modern wheelchairs also come in a choice of colours and with stylish sleek forms that you will feel good to be seen in.

Here are some of the most popular active wheelchairs Coventry.

The Quickie Helium has aluminium caster and Spinergy wheels that give you excellent control and speed. Its unique homogenous design offers both style and performance and a hydroforming process is used to create its light yet very strong frame.

Wheelchairs Coventry
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Best Wheelchairs Coventry
Wheelchair in Coventry

The one arm Carbotecture fork is stylish and durable and this chair has a futuristic appearance which can be customised with stickers and comes in a variety of colour combinations.

The RGK Tiga has an aluminium frame which is available either open or closed to suit your needs. The hollow-forged castor arms feature a zero-tolerance bearing for high performance and a smooth comfortable ride. Custom cushions and Airtech strap upholstery of the backrest add to the comfort and the individually-sized seat and frame ensure a perfect fit.

The Life RT this active rigid chair offers a choice of front ends including an abduction frame for added stability during transfers. This chair is ideal for youngsters as the Safari brake is easy to use without having to lean forward and the multiple adjustments let the chair grow with the child without the need to purchase additional parts.