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At Invictus Active we offer a wide range of active wheelchairs West Bromwich to satisfy the needs of the most demanding user. Our active manual wheelchairs are lightweight, stable, and very versatile. Most offer many customizable features to create a made-to-measure chair for increased performance and comfort. As these chairs weigh much less than normal wheelchairs and require much less effort to push so reducing strain and pain. What’s more, these wheelchairs have a modern appearance and have many extras and add-ons to make them even more practical.

Check out some of the favourite active wheelchairs in West Bromwich.

The Kuschall Champion is the ultimate in folding wheelchairs, with nine adjustments that let you control exactly your centre of gravity and preferred pushing position.

It offers you the kind of performance you would expect from a rigid wheelchair with all the conveniences of a folding one.

Wheelchairs West Bromwich
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It has an aluminium frame, weighs in at just 9.2-kg, and folds up quickly and easily to fit in the boot of your car, and you can personalise your chair with your own colour combinations.

The Xenon2 Hybrid is another compact folding wheelchair which performs like a rigid chair thanks to its unique cross-brace and a redesigned axle stem. You can choose from five anodised frame finishes and 32 different frame colours, and, you can match or contrast your upholstery trim to create a very unique and individual chair that reflects your personality.

The Quickie Life R rigid active wheelchair is the perfect choice for a person with changing needs as a wide range of adjustments can be made to fine-tune the chair to the current situation. You can change the rear seat height, the angle of the backrest, the camber of the wheels and much more, without the need for any additional parts.