Wheels For Wheelchairs For Sale

Spinergy wheelchair wheels

With such a range of different wheels for wheelchairs for sale, it can be hard to decide which ones would be best for you. So, here’s a quick comparison between some of the different types of wheelchair wheels.

Spinergy wheelchair wheels have special fibre spokes which absorb up to 25-percent more vibrations than normal steel spokes. That means that you can enjoy a smoother ride which reduces muscle spasms and fatigue. Furthermore, these wheels are really lightweight, and there are three models to choose from. These everyday wheels for wheelchairs for sale have 18 x 3-mm spokes and weigh in at 721-grams each. The LX version has 12 x 4-mm radial -laced spokes, which give you greater reach-through access under your chair, and they weigh 697-grams each. Finally, the SLX weigh in at just 668-grams each, have 24 x 3-mm spokes and are ideal for non-contact sports as they give you fast acceleration and quick direction changes.

Black Spokes wheels for wheelchairs for sale

These TSO black spokes wheelchair wheels  are truly fantastic and they are a great alternative to Spinergy wheelchair wheels.

These wheels for wheelchairs for sale arrive to you fitted and ready to go with the following:

  • Aluminium silver pushrims
  • Quick release axel pins
  • Marathon plus puncture proof tyres
  • Inner tubes

Loopwheels make travel over uneven ground much more comfortable. They have three carbon composite springs which work together to provide a constantly adjusting suspension which adapts to different terrains. The springs, which are pretty futuristic looking, attach to the hub and the rim with special connectors and they are strong and durable. The hub floats within the rim to minimise bumps and jolts so going over rocky or rough terrains does not cause fatigue and discomfort. With the Loopwheels you can even negotiate potholes and go up and down curbs without mistreating yourself or your wheelchair. They’re not cheap, but if comfort is important to you, these are the wheels for wheelchairs for sale to choose.

Fat, Wide wheels for wheelchairs for sale

These fat, wide wheelchair wheels give you extra gripping power for extreme terrains. Use them to get the best grip possible on a sandy beach, or slippery wet leaves, or even ice. The 507-mm Fat rim has an offset hub to give space between the wheel and the side of the chair. The pushrims are black powder coated and they come with Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres. These tyres have a wrap-around tread which s made from their off-road racing compound. It gives these tyres unsurpassed grip and performance and its enhanced strength gives sidewall protection. Swap your standard 24” wheels for these fat, wide wheels when the going gets tricky. They come with quick-release pins in a variety of lengths and in two diameters for fast switching.

What are you waiting for?

Lastly, the Off-road wheelchair wheels with all-terrain tyres are built to take you an where you want to go.

With regular use, the trainer can help you to develop the muscles in your arms and upper body. It can increase your coordination and balance, and you will be able to shed excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight. You will look better and feel better. This amazingly simple, yet effective, piece of exercise equipment, is letting disabled people reap the benefits of improved health through regular exercise. What are you waiting for?

Off-road wheelchair wheels

These off-road wheelchair wheels lets you take your wheelchair wherever you want to. With these heavy-duty wheels for wheelchairs for sale no track is to rough to tackle. They have-

  • 36 stainless steel spokes for extra strength
  • Quick-release pins for a quick switch
  • High-quality 50 EPI carcasses
  • 24-inch or 25-inch wheels for a straight swap
  • ‘Off centre’ hub – for a perfect fit that doesn’t hit the side guard!
  • Matt black finish handrims for a really cool look
  • Come with all-terrain tyres and inner tubes
  • K guard protection against punctures for your peace of mind

Two of these off-road wheels for wheelchairs can carry a load of up to 150-kg. Combine them with all-terrain tyres to get the best performance These tyres have large outer lugs for maximum grip, while the central section is ribbed to decrease rolling resistance and make pushing easier. These tyres are also reinforced with Kevlar® fibres, so punctures will be a thing of the past. That means that you can tackle terrains without fear and explore new and exciting places.

Castor Wheels for wheelchairs for sale

Our castor wheels come in a variety of diameters from 3” to 6”. They have plastic or aluminium hubs and come either in grey or with black non-marking tyres.

Frogs Legs Castors give your wheelchair suspension with their shock-absorbing properties. Enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride with these super-strong, durable and incredibly lightweight castor wheels. These castors

Have an ultra-lightweight aluminium hub
Eliminate 76-percent of vibrations
Reduce, lower back pain and muscles spasms
Allow you to travel over uneven pavements, cobblestones, and door jams in comfort
Are available in a wide range of colours

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Life changing attachment that you'll wonder how you lived without!` If you use a manual day wheelchair then the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is a must have, it just clips on the front foot rest and is so easy to use. As you will know the front casters can be a nightmare! – going over any grass or gravel is near impossible if you have normal small casters as they ‘dig in’ and make pushing hard work.

The FreeWheel attachment

If you want to enjoy unlimited freedom and to be able to get to even more places in your wheelchair check out our FreeWheel attachment. This large front wheel clips onto the front frame of your wheelchair lifting your castors up off the ground. You will be able to travel across rough terrain, gravel, or grass with comfort and ease. Combine the FreeWheel with some off-road rear tyres and there will be no stopping you!

Choosing the right wheels and tyres for your needs can be tricky. That’s why at Invictus Active we are always happy to answer your questions and give you advice. Just give a call on 0800 832 1916 or click here to get in touch. If you like we can arrange a free home trial on most wheels so you can try before you buy.

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