We work with many great people and organisations but are always keen to explore new opportunities – so if you think we could work together then please do get in touch!

Our goal to make our products available to as many people as possible and working in collaboration and partnership is a great way to achieve this. Whether you are a commercial gym looking to be more inclusive, a university and feel you have a research opportunity or even a wheelchair user with a good social media following I’m sure there is a way we can work together.

Invictus Active was founded by Scott Smith and Paul Cooksey, both full time wheelchairs users following spinal cord injury. We have tried and tested each solution and believe in the products we have available – from the fantastic FreeWheel attachment to brand new innovative ways to exercise, like our very own Invictus Active Trainer.


Social media is a great platform to reach our target market and we work with various ‘influencers’ and high profile wheelchair users. These include Paralympic athletes, personal trainers and many other people who’s content is wheelchair and disability related.

Do you have a good social media following? If so, we are keen to discuss the potential.

We are very flexible in the way we work – this includes a straight forward payment for content posted online or affiliate marketing, where we create a unique URL for you to share with a generous commission being paid on a sale – or we can even pay per people you send to our website. We see affiliate marketing as an extension to our sales force and influencers who have confidence in their following and believe they can generate sales can earn a generous regular income over a long period of time (see below for more about our flexible affiliate program). We can also run free giveaways for you to share which has proven very successful and again use the latest software to ensure it is easy and smooth for people to enter and pick the winner.

We are a well established brand across the mobility industry and believe working with us also has mutual benefit, in terms of cross promotion and driving traffic to your blog, website or social media profiles – such as from a blog post and email marketing to our customer database. We have a strong presence ourselves in this niche market and believe working with us can help you improve your brand image and increase your followers too.

We also have a range of smaller items and accessories (some of which we would send you for free to keep) that can be promoted well via social media.


Influencer: Mickey Bushell MBE (Paralympian London 2012 Gold Medalist and personal trainer)
Following: TikTok – 294.5k
Details: Promotion of our Invictus Active Trainer and Fusion Wheel portable gym.

Example content and ideas:
  • Invictus Active Trainer – we ship our wheelchair treadmill direct to you for you to test and use, posting a video, review or how-to guide online.
  • FreeWheel attachment – clip this wheel to the front of your chair and access any terrain, taking photos and videos with family enjoying yourself!
  • Portable wheelchair scales – track your weight over a period of time, posting updates to show how easy and convenient they are to use.

Invictus Active have featured on Channel 4 (twice!) with our Invictus Active Trainer, appeared on ITV news and most recently supplying an active user wheelchair for use within a film due to be released 2023.

We can supply any of our products for use by actors or props along with basic advice or a full consulting service where we can provide not only the products but our wealth of knowledge of the industry and being wheelchair users ourselves.

To represent wheelchair users and disabled people correctly you need the right equipment and the advice. For example, an able bodied actor playing a 25 year old male who has had a spinal cord injury for several years will not be using a huge heavy wheelchair with flip out footrests.

They’ll most likely have an active user wheelchair that fits them perfect – we can help not only supplying this equipment but the advice needed on how this person would carry out daily tasks, such as transferring to their car, so you can represent wheelchair users in the best way possible.


Show: The Superhumans Show, Channel 4
Guest: David Weir CBE (9 time Paralympic gold medalist) and Ade Adepitan MBE (British television presenter).
Details: Invictus Active Trainer as part of David Weir ‘DJ’ set


A powerful way to share our products is through affiliate marketing which works in that we provide you with a unique URL (such as and then every time someone clicks on this link from your website, blog, social media or even word of mouth it is recorded and tracked, paying you an agreed commission for any resulting sales.

We use the latest affiliate software installed on our servers and you have complete visibility via an online dashboard which you can log into and see various key stats such as how many people have clicked your link, visited our website, purchased a product – and how much money is going to be paid to you.

Our software also has the ability for us to customise what ‘action’ we pay a commission for and with this flexibility it allows us to work with brands and social media influencers to tailor a package that works for them.

For example certain products we sell, such as active wheelchairs, the initial contact from the customer is often via an online form and with our software we can agree a fee for every completion of this contact form.

We see affiliate marketing as an extension to our sales force and it works very well for influencers who have confidence in their following and can see a longer term partnership than a one-time quick fee. We are happy to pay generous commissions for the right partnership and if you have a good following of people who match our target market then you can earn a regular income over a long period of time with full control over when and what you post online.


Affiliate: Social media influencer (Sophie)
Product: Invictus Active Trainer – Wheelchair Treadmill
Details: Sophie has a great following on Instagram and YouTube and wants flexibility of what and when she posts online earning a good % commission for every sale. Sophie then invoices us every month for her commission due.


Affiliate: Existing customer (James)
Product: FreeWheel attachment
Details: James was given a unique coupon code, giving anyone he recommended a discount and earning himself an agreed % for every sale. All 100% tracked via his online portal.


Affiliate: Disability blogger (Hannah)
Product: All product within our online store
Details: Hannah has her own unique URL that she used in various blogs on her website to promote different products. Every time someone clicks the link and buys a product within 6 months she earns an agreed % of the sale. All 100% tracked via her online portal.


We work closely with many universities across the World on a range of different topics connected to wheelchair users and our Invictus Active Trainer. Not only is it a great piece of equipment for people to use to get fit, it has also become an invaluable cost effective solution for universities looking for a wheelchair ergometer as assist in research of the body of someone sellf propelling a wheelchair.

We have been involved in research around:

  • Calories burnt using our trainer
  • Shoulder health of wheelchair users
  • Wheelchair pushing efficiency
  • Wrist health of wheelchair users
  • More due to be published soon.


University: Shrewsbury & Chester University
Research: Validation of calories burnt using our Invictus Active Trainer
Details: Over a period of time the actual calories burnt was proven by the wheelchair users using oxygen intake.


Feel free to ask us any questions you may have – whether this is about
our trainer, other solutions or our experiences as a chair user in general.

Scott Smith


Paul Cooksey


Danielle Roberts

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