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Kuschall Champion Wheelchair


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The Kuschall Champion Wheelchair and the Kuschall Champion SK are practical, compact, active wheelchairs – that fold! These chairs let you enjoy the comfort, style, and performance of a rigid wheelchair, with the convenience of a folding one. The handling and responsiveness of both models of the Kuschall Champion wheelchair are what you would expect from a high-end rigid wheelchair. Yet, in just three easy steps both chairs fold up flat and small for easy transportation. First, you fold up the mainframe. Next, you fold the backrest. Finally, you tuck the front frames in. It could not be easier!

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Both the Kuschall Champion wheelchair and the Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair are

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold up and handle
  • Convenient to transport
  • Made to measure
  • Offer a range of customised options
  • Have an adjustable centre of gravity
  • Include optional upgrades and extras


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Product Description

Both the Kuschall Champion wheelchair and the Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair have excellent handling and performance. They are as light and responsive as a rigid chair, but they have the great advantage that they fold up. That means, that they are easy to store in the boot or the backseat of any car, on the bus, train, or even in the overhead lockers of an aeroplane. Users love that they perform just as well as a rigid chair, but that they offer so much more.

Kuschall Champion Wheelchair

The Kuschall Champion wheelchair is a lightweight, active, folding aluminium wheelchair with a fixed front frame and a sleek, smart style. As standard, it comes with an Aluminium frame, but the Prestige collection lets you choose from a Titanium or a Carbon Fibre front frame.



The Prestige Champion Titanium has-

  • Titanium front frame with front angle options of 75° or 90°
  • Total unloaded weight of 9.2-kg
  • Total weight of 6.7kg without the rear wheels
  • Unique lightweight mechanism makes folding up simple
  • Folds flat and small for ease of transportation
  • Choice of six seat widths from 36cm to 46cm (14″ – 18″) in 2cm increments
  • Choice of seven seat depths 34cm to 46cm (13″ – 18″) in 2cm increments
  • Backrest height 30cm-46.5cm (12”-18”) in 1.5cm increments
  • Knee-to-heel length 32cm to 50cm (12.5”-20”) in 1cm increments
  • Nine centre of gravity adjustments
  • Adjustable front seat heights from 45cm to 54cm (17″ – 21″)
  • Adjustable rear seat heights from 39cm to 49cm (15″ – 19″)
  • Self-Propel Starec Q/R lightweight rear wheels
  • Light pneumatic tyres
  • Grey Aluminium handrims
  • Max user weight 120kg (19 Stone)
  • Folding backrest with adjustable angle
  • Nylon light backrest upholstery
  • MATRX backrests and cushions
  • Angle-adjustable flip-up footrest with calf strap
  • Flip-up Carbon clothes guards
  • Long push Handles
  • Comfort front castors in black
  • Standard bent brake lever
  • Tool kit
  • 5-year warranty on the frame
  • 2-year warranty on parts

These are the standard features of the Champion Titanium, but there are many other options available to suit your needs and budget. We are happy to offer advice and to explain the advantages of the different options so that you can make the right choice.

Why choose the original Kuschall Champion Wheelchair?

The original Kuschall Champion folding wheelchair is in a class of its own. This chair offers nine different adjustments to your centre of gravity so that you can find your preferred position for easier pushing. The extensive range of MATRX backrests and cushion options make sure you are comfortable. They offer added support or padding, just where you need it to make your driving experience more pleasurable. Also with a large selection of components and configurations to choose from, you can construct a chair that is ideal for your needs. Additionally, you can also choose the colour combinations you like best. The Kuschall Champion wheelchair is the ideal active folding wheelchair for holidays or commuting. Take it with you in the boot or the backseat of your car or on public transport. You can even take it onto an aeroplane where it will stow away in the overhead locker.

Kuschall Champion SK Wheelchair

The Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair is the result of a constant process of refining and improving the ultimate folding wheelchair. This is an active, lightweight, folding Aluminium wheelchair that has a unique folding front frame. It is smaller, lighter, and even more convenient than its big brother, the original Kuschall Champion wheelchair.

This amazing wheelchair folds down to the size of an A3 binder! It is one of the smallest folded wheelchairs available worldwide. This model is super-lightweight, easy to handle, and perfect for transporting wherever you need it to go. It fits easily into the boot or the backseat of the car, or on public transport. For commuting, there is no smaller, lighter, or more convenient wheelchair on the market. It is also ideal for plane travel as it breaks down and folds up quickly and effortlessly. You will no longer have to wait for a wheelchair to meet you on your arrival. Simply open up your Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair and away you go!

However, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and performance for convenience. This chair responds and performs like the best rigid chairs.



Standard features include-

  • Aluminium folding front frame with front angle options of 75° or 85°
  • Folds down to just 33cm high at the front x28cm at the rear x 67cm in length and 22cm wide
  • Choice of six seat widths from 36cm to 46cm (14″ – 18″)
  • Choice of eight different seat depths from 34cmto 48cm (13″ ‐ 19″)
  • Multiple adjustments, including the centre of gravity
  • Adjustable front seat heights from 45cm to 54cm (17″ – 21″)
  • Adjustable rear seat heights from 39cm to 49cm (15″ – 19″)
  • Self-propel 24″ Q/R wheels
  • Schwalbe grey and black pneumatic tyres
  • Grey Aluminium handrims
  • Maximum user weight 120kg (19 Stone)
  • Maximum safe slope of seven degrees
  • Soft-locking, angle-adjustable folding backrest
  • Nylon light backrest upholstery
  • MATRX backrests and cushion
  • Angle-adjustable flip-up footrest with calf strap
  • Flip-up Carbon clothes guards
  • No push handles
  • Lightweight black comfort front castors
  • Standard bent brake lever
  • Choice of thirteen frame colours and six CPS colours
  • Tool kit
  • 5-year warranty on the frame
  • 2-year warranty on parts

Advantages of the Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair

With so many options in the basic dimensions of this folding wheelchair, you can be sure of a perfect fit. Add to that, the great variety of customised options that are available, and you can construct a chair that is ideal for your needs and taste. You can choose from twenty-one different front casters, five push handles, and nine handrims. You can change the angle of the backrest into five different positions for effortless pushing. There are eleven different rear wheels to choose from, with nine positions, and three cambers.

Also, with the multiple fine-tuning adjustments you can create for yourself a chair that gives you efficient and effective propelling power along with superb comfort and convenience. You can personalise your chair with a choice of thirteen attractive and mature frame colours. These can complement, or contrast, with the choice of accent colours that the chair’s smaller features offer. Build yourself a chair that makes you look and feel good and also can cope with your active lifestyle.

The Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair comes with a standard Aluminium frame, but you can opt for the Carbon fibre or Titanium versions. These make the chair even lighter and easier to push. Additionally, although the Champion SK is super-lightweight, all of the frame versions are still sturdy and durable. You do not have to sacrifice comfort, or safety, for convenience and practicality. The auto fold footplate and the under-seat folding bracket add stability. Even over grass or rough terain the Champion SK responds and feels like a rigid chair.

Folding and unfolding

The Kuschall Champion wheelchairs’ folding bracket is what makes them unique. To open and close you simply pull on a cord located at the back of the seat. You secure the folded frame with a clip located under the seat sling. When you unfold the chair you will hear a click as the seat brace locks into place.

Convenient carrying bag

For your convenience, you can store your Kuschall Champion SK wheelchair in the specially designed carrying bag for safe and easy transportation. Place the folded wheelchair into the bag with the front wheels facing upwards and the backrest lying in the bottom of the bag. The back part of the chair where the hinged part of the folding mechanism is located should be placed at the bottom. The internal straps should be tightened to secure the folded wheelchair in the correct position within the bag.

Use the external pocket to store the removable clothes-guards or mudguards and separate them with the tabs. If your chair has fixed guards, use the separating tabs to protect the surfaces between each one. You attach the two rear wheels to the closed bag with special straps. The bag has three types of handles that let you carry it as a backpack, or a top holder, or a holdall.

Kuschall Champion 2.0

Latest model relesed by Kuschall in 2020 is the 2.0



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Kuschall Champion, Kuschall Champion SK, Kuschall Champion 2.0

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