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Quickie Helium Wheelchair

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The Quickie Helium wheelchair is an ultra-light wheelchair which offers outstanding performance. It is strong and sturdy and highly adjustable to meet your specific, or changing, needs. With fast and direct reactions with minimal force, the Quickie Helium Wheelchair is a real joy to use.

  • Incredibly lightweight, starting at just 6.8 kilograms
  • Very strong and durable
  • Maximum user weight of 125 kilograms
  • Highly adjustable to suit your requirements

The Quickie Helium wheelchair has been designed and produced using the latest materials and technology. Lightweight Aluminium of aerospace grade is heat treated to make it stronger. The modern hydroforming process means that the tubes of the frame are lighter, thinner and stronger than those of a normal wheelchair. The single arm carbotecture® forks are strong and stylish. With carbon fibre axel tube and footplate the Quickie Helium wheelchair weighs in at just 6.8 kilograms.  Yet it can hold a user of up to 125 kilograms.

Meet Mick, who opted for a custom Helium with Surge push rims, frog legs casters and blue colour pack – looking smart!…

Quickie Helium Wheelcahir

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Product Description

With 12-spoke Spinergy wheels and aluminium castors, the Quickie Helium wheelchair provides great speed and control. Its reactions are quick and effortless. In addition, this modern ultra-lightweight wheelchair offers many optional adjustments to customise it to your needs. You can adjust the driving performance by raising or lowering the centre of gravity. Or, move the backrest and change the rear seat height to fine-tune it to your requirements. You can enjoy a very safe performance or opt for unparalleled manoeuvrability.

  • Homogenous design with the finest materials for the ultimate in performance and style
  • Hydroforming process creates a stronger lighter chair frame
  • Stylish one arm Carbotecture® fork provides incredible strength
  • Ultra-light carbon axle tube is strong and safe
  • 12 spoke Spinergy wheels for speed and control
  • 4 or 5-inch aluminium castor gives excellent manoeuvrability
  • Comfortable back upholstery with breathable mid-section for enhanced well being
  • Available in a range of colour combinations and customisable with stickers

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair with a proven and durable design

To create the QUICKIE Helium wheelchair, we used premium frame materials like aerospace-grade aluminium and innovative processes to heat-treat the aluminium and increase its strength. This allows the frame’s tube walls to be thinner, lighter and stronger than a conventional wheelchair. The result is the QUICKIE Helium wheelchair – an astonishingly ultra-lightweight wheelchair with a starting weight of just 6.8 kg. But it’s not just about weight, the Helium is also incredibly strong and durable, supporting a maximum user weight of 125 kg!

Ultra-lightweight and adjustable to your needs

It’s not just the ultra-lightweight design that’ll impress you about the Helium, it’s also the high-degree of adjustability. Change the driving performance from very-safe to very-manouverable with the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, adapt the backrest or even fine-tine the rear seat height – your Helium is all about adjusting to suit you.

Change the seat angle of your Quickie Helium wheelchair

Would you be more comfortable with a steeper seat angle? With the new 88-degree frame angle you can enjoy better positioning and a sleeker look. This is the most compact wheelchair frame available. The resigned carbon footplate brings your feet in closer. It positions your legs further back so that you have more space at the front of your chair. That means that you can enjoy tighter turning circles. Additionally, with the shorter frame, the Quickie Helium is easier to carry and store.

Enjoy added comfort with the Freestyle back option

The Freestyle back gives you unrestricted upper-body mobility in your chair. Normally, the back canes prevent free movement, but with this innovative backrest shell, you will enjoy 360-degree mobility. You will experience increased rear wheel access to maximise your pushing efficiency. Additionally, the lightweight of the carbon freestyle backrest will reduce your overall weight to make your chair lighter and more manoeuvrable. Or, choose the aluminium shell that matches your chairs frame colour for added style.

Customise your Quickie Helium to create your own style

You can add frame graphics to personalise your wheelchair. Why not contrast your frame colour with one of the contrasting graphics colours to create a unique look. The graphics come in red, orange, blue, silver, black and matt black, so get creative.

Create your perfect chair

The Quickie Helium offers an extensive choice of dimension, materials and colours on all of its components. It can be a little confusing to decide what might be the best option for you with so many to choose from. So, please get in touch, and we will be happy to explain the different options and advise which might be the best for your particular needs.

Purchasing a wheelchair is a big investment and an important decision. Make the correct informed choices and enjoy comfort, security, and style. We can help you to make the right decision and enjoy the benefits of a correctly fitting and performing wheelchair that is perfect for you.


Quickie Helium Wheelcahir






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4 reviews for Quickie Helium Wheelchair

  1. Charlotte Victoria Rigg

    I’ve had mine 4 years now and I love it!

  2. Marcus Asbury

    I’ve a helium.Pro great chair best I’ve had

  3. Jenny Geer

    Love the one I got about seven years ago……so light to lift into the car.

  4. Mick

    Meet Mick, who opted for a custom Helium with Surge push rims, frog legs casters and blue colour pack – looking smart!…

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